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HLN x Grate – Lust List Takeover

In honour of St Patrick’s Day, our favourite Jesmond cheesemonger picks out the best Irish cheese on the market.

Written by Rachael Nichol
Published 17.03.2022


Here at HLN, we love anything to do with cheese and we’ve found the perfect place to satisfy our cheeky cheesey cravings – Grate.

Our fairy godmonger, Moz Murphy, has made our dreams come true after opening one of the first stores in Newcastle that’s dedicated purely to the love of cheese, and we just can’t seem to get enough.

Right in the heart of Jesmond, Grate serves us a wide range of cheeses made from the milk of goats, sheep and cows, that’ll all just melt in your mouth. Worried about the vegans in your life? Grate is here to the rescue once again, stocking the best vegan ‘cheese’ on the market.

Here, you can taste cheeses from around the world – indulging in Italian cheese, being blown away by the best of British, and falling in love with some French blue. But as St. Patrick’s Day is here, it would be rude not to celebrate all things Irish.

Swap your cheeky pints of Guinness and Riverdance dance-offs for something even cheesier: time spent indulging in some Irish cheese, all thanks to Grate. Plus, Moz and her team will recommend some delicious accompaniments to upgrade your cheeseboard, too – so you’d be crackers not to take advantage.

Throughout this week, Moz is showcasing her range of Irish cheeses in her shop, where we can guarantee you’ll have a Grate shopping experience. You’ll also find her at Jesmond Food Market this Saturday.


Want to know more about Grate? Read our full feature.


If you like stinky cheese, look no further than Durrus and Gubbeen cheeses – both made from cow’s milk in County Cork.


Durrus is soft and yielding, with a washed rind that gives a gorgeous pinkish hue to the rind, but also adds a meaty depth of flavour – sometimes a smoky bacon taste!

Durrus Cheese – Classic – £32.00


Gubbeen is firmer and less gooey than Durrus as it ages, but still has a lovely funkiness to the rind – and you should always eat the rind!

Gubbeen Cheese DairyGubbeen – £23.50


Cashel Farmhouse Cheesemakers, based in County Tipperary, is home to the rock of Cashel where St Patrick first preached the gospels to the high kings of Ireland. Cashel has been making cheese since 1984 and pretty much spearheaded the artisan cheese movement in Ireland. 


This cow’s milk blue is salty creamy and subtle in its blueness.

Cashel Farmhouse Cheesemakers – Cashel Blue – £24.00


This sheep’s milk blue cheese is rich and full-bodied with a touch of spice and is Ireland’s only sheep’s milk blue cheese.

Cashel Farmhouse Cheesemakers – Crozier Blue – £46.00


Gouda is a sweet, creamy, yellow cow’s milk cheese traditionally originating from the Netherlands. It’s one of the most popular cheeses going, great for melting and is often used in homemade macaroni and cheese.


This is a fantastic mature Gouda style cheese that’s made with cow’s milk in County Cork, with a rich, nutty and caramel taste with crunchy crystals from time to time.

Coolea Farmhouse Cheese – Coolea Cheese – £33.00


If cow’s gouda isn’t your thing, try Killeen’s Goat Gouda from County Galway. This has the palest white, super creamy texture with the faintest hint of goat – most people don’t even realise it’s goat’s cheese and it’s fantastic in a toastie!

Killeen Farmhouse Cheese – Goat Gouda – £37.00



This is a firm sheep’s milk cheese, similar in style to a pecorino or manchego, but with a smooth, sweet nuttiness reminiscent of gouda.

Cashel Farmhouse Cheesemakers – Shepherd’s Store – £38.00


Soft cheeses offer a highly rich and unique taste, flavour and aroma to every cheese connoisseur out there. These are known for their amazingly mild taste and creamy, moist and buttery textures that just melt in the mouth.


Made in County Clare, St Tola is a goat cheese formed into a traditional log shape and rolled in ash. Not too strong, this has a mousse-like texture and the contrast between the pale white interior and the black ash exterior makes a lovely addition to a cheeseboard

Saint Tola Farmhouse Cheese – St Tola Ash Log – £28.50


Cooleeney cheese, from Tipperary, is a bloomy rinded soft cheese, similar to camembert – buttery and soft with grassy, mushroom flavours in the rind.

Cooleeney Farmhouse Cheese – Cooleeney Cheese – £25.00