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4 touching stories behind these North East mother-daughter led businesses

This Mother’s Day, we celebrate some of the magnificent mother and daughter business partners right on our doorstep.


Boutique 200, Park View, Whitley Bay NE26 3QP

Now with a factory based in Cramlington and a shop in Whitley Bay, Wendy and Laura Gray have worked hard to create their gorgeous home fragrance brand, which has blended style, luxury and quality to reach the sweet smell of success.

Their achievement becomes all the more impressive when you find out that, just five years ago – when NorthburN was still very much in its infancy as a business – Wendy was diagnosed with breast cancer, but the dream duo still managed to make their dream a reality.

Each of their fragrances is created by Wendy and Laura, and every candle is handcrafted by their team: from hand-blending and pouring the wax right through to straightening out each and every wick, to make sure each of their products is truly unique, beautiful and very scentimental to them both.

Read our full feature on NorthburnN here.


At the heart of this jewellery brand is the special connection between mother and daughter. Newcastle-based jewellery designer and founder Kellie Daniels lost her mum aged 19, but their special bond – which Kellie remembers by looking at the jewellery they shared – is what brought her brand to life.

Inspired by the power of natural gemstones, Kellie sources the perfect materials for her products from around the world, with each design encapsulating a special significance. SALOME’s Three Graces Collection has been influenced by Kellie’s relationships with her own three daughters and reflects the beauty, joy and youthful spirit they each bring to her world.

‘My girls are my entire world,’ Kellie says. ‘Having lost my mother as a teenager, I really understand the importance of being a mother and feel so honoured every day that I get to be that special person in their lives. All three girls love wearing SALOME jewellery and occasionally join me in the studio to tinker with new designs or stone combinations.’

Read our interview with Kellie here.

Gracie & Belle

No, don’t be deceived – this dream team aren’t called Gracie and Belle! This brand started life at daughter Stephanie’s kitchen table, before moving over to mum Sue’s house, where the pair set up a designated studio to create their beautiful, clean-burning candles.

Using the highest quality soy wax and ethically sourced ingredients and glassware, this perfect pair hand-pour wax in small batches to get their luxurious soy candles (which are vegan and cruelty-free, fyi) just right for their customers. No matter which candles you choose, each one will leave your home filled with beautiful aromas that last long after the candle has been snuffed out, thanks to their premium fragrances.

Their collection of candles really do complement any home or interior, together with the variety of glassware and ceramics that they also sell. So, whatever you’re after, Gracie & Belle offer a perfectly subtle way to add a little personality and style into your home.

Betty’s Boudoir

12 High Street, Sedgefield, Stockton TS21 3AR

At the helm of this independent fashion boutique is Lily and her mum, Cheryl, but the brand is actually named after Lily’s grandma, Betty – so it’s a real family affair.

‘Working with your mum is like having the fluffiest blanket wrapped around you!’ Lily tells us. ‘You’re supported from all angles. Mum is ready to jump in and help with anything and everything she can do to make our customers’ experience the best it can be.

‘And although we bicker about the little things, you can’t stay too mad for long because she’s your mum and, deep down, you know mums are always right! It’s great to have that second opinion that you can 100% trust.’

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