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7 reasons why you should hire an interior designer – by Wynd Design

We caught up with Christi Anderson from Wynd Design to find out why having an interior designer is really worth it – and it’s not as expensive as you think…

You’ve searched social media for hours, wandered the aisles of your favourite home décor stores and measured your rooms.

But why can making the final decisions on how to style your home feel so overwhelming?

Whether you’re moving into a new house, starting a refurb project or you’re wanting to update your bedroom, there’s so much that goes on behind the scenes to make your house a home. The real question is, where’s best to start?

If you need some interior inspiration but aren’t sure how to pull it all together, or if you have no idea where to start with your dream kitchen or bathroom, then that’s when an interior designer comes to your rescue – by showing you just how to make your dream home become a reality.

That’s why we decided to catch up with Christi Anderson from Wynd Design to find out what an interior designer can actually do for us. From creating 3D floorplans to bringing in trusted tradespeople and recommending gorgeous furniture which fits within your budget, Wynd Design guides you through the entire process step by step – taking away any stress and making your experience as enjoyable as it really should be.

Many of us think interior design is expensive and only for the rich and famous. But the landscape is changing and interior designers are more accessible than ever before. Your home is your biggest investment, so it’s only right to want to fill your safe haven with designs and décor which truly captures your personality.

So, who better to trust than Christi? After all, she grew up in a family of builders and has a wide range of projects from high-end, luxury homes in some of the most exclusive post codes in London to her neighbour’s contemporary bathroom design. Plus, with a Diploma of Higher Education in Interior Design from the prestigious KLC School of Design in London under her belt too, we can guarantee she’ll make your space into somewhere you’ll be proud to call your own.

Christi reveals how hiring an interior designer really is worth our while…

The personal touches

At Wynd Design, we have a great eye for potential and creating beautifully designed spaces. We filter through thousands of ideas to create a design completely bespoke and tailored to you and your home. We do that by investing the time into listening carefully about how you want the space to feel, along with how it needs to function – translating your vision into a home that is stylish and completely ‘you’.

We’ve heard so many clients tell us how overwhelming it can feel and often they don’t even know where to start. We’ll do all the ‘heavy-lifting’ for you: curating a shortlist of options so you can spend your time on that final 10% where it really matters.

Saves you time, money and stress – and gives you the ‘wow’ factor

Beyond a stylistic eye and creative vision, we can save you time, money and stress by leading you through the design process step by step. We bring an organised and robust approach that is tried and tested and built on years of experience. We can help set a realistic project programme and budget from the beginning and produce accurate, detailed plans to help avoid delays, mistakes and unforeseen costs to keep your building project progressing. We manage the process from beginning to end for you.

Have you gone down the rabbit hole trying to find the perfect ‘x’ for your space – wasting hours and yet you still have all the other items to source too – then you’re left to figure out how it is all going to fit together? Doing things yourself means taking on a lot of risks and with no guarantee it will come out the way you anticipated. Hiring us guarantees your home will have a cohesive design for every room, creating that wow factor. We excel at stretching your vision beyond the limits of your imagination to design a home you’ll love.

Trusted tradespeople and suppliers

We have a little black book filled with trusted tradespeople and suppliers which has taken us years to fill. We know who does what really well and where to source quality pieces that will fit within your budget, and we’re really good at mixing high end with high street to create a luxury interior for less. We have access to thousands of products and fabrics not available to the general public. We also have furniture makers and joiners who work with us to create pieces that are curated and unique to you and your home. We’re constantly looking at new products, visiting showrooms, and studying the latest trends.

We know how to ‘speak the language’ when it comes to architects, builders and tradespeople. We have a proactive communication style to keep on top of all the moving pieces of a building project and the experience to translate a design vision into reality by working with our trusted tradespeople and suppliers.

Avoid common design mistakes

We can help you avoid some common design mistakes, like pushing all the furniture out to the walls – which actually makes a room feel smaller and disjointed. Think about a country house hotel and how furniture is grouped into cosy arrangements.  In design, we call this ‘zoning’ and when we create furniture plans, we always create zones for furniture layouts.

Another very common mistake we see is too small of a rug in a room. Too often we find a postage stamp-sized rug, which looks out of proportion with the rest of the room. All the furniture in a zone should be anchored on the rug. We’ll help you find the perfectly sized rug for your space.

Customised designs specifically for your space

We spend time getting to know you, and how you want your home to look and feel.  We’ll dive into how your home is currently styled, the inspiration photos you show us, your personality, how you dress, your lifestyle, where you like to go on holiday, the family stories you tell, and your dreams for your home.

We use software to build 3D plans to design furniture layouts to ensure optimal design and flow for the desired use of your space. We can also design custom furniture that fits perfectly into your space, too.

We have a detailed knowledge of standards in the building industry. Did you know there are standard heights for kitchen countertops? Or how many centimetres you should leave between left, right and front sides of a toilet in a bathroom? This all comes in handy when you’re trying to figure out how to layout a downstairs toilet that may have to compromise space, but doesn’t need to compromise comfort.


Lighting is so incredibly important and can really make or break a room. Think about how lighting can create an entire mood – would a brightly-lit pub feel welcoming for an evening drink? We know how to place lights strategically to give your room a layering of light, and will recommend light fixtures and lightbulb warmth to suit the space.

We can’t stress enough how crucial lighting is for a well-designed space – and not just the fixtures, which are like the final pieces of jewellery you pick to accent the perfect outfit, but also where to place switches to make the most sense for the flow through your home. Remember wiring is done early in a project before walls have been plastered and painted which is why it’s important to involve us from the very beginning.

Functional products and materials

From completely natural to synthetic and everything in between, we’re lucky in this day and age we have so many options when it comes to materials. Each option has its pros and cons, like cost, durability, sustainability, appearance and finish.

We help advise on things like: what tiles are best to use where; what stone is best for your lifestyle in your kitchen; which fabrics are best to use for upholstery. The options can be endless, which is amazing but also overwhelming. Our experience will cut right through all that, so you can focus on the decisions where it matters most.

Ultimately, our job as your interior designer is to make your life easier!  All whilst creating a beautiful and functional home for you.

Feeling inspired? Find out more about how Wynd Design can help you transform your interiors on their websiteFacebook page or Instagram.

Wynd Design, 7 Butterwick Grove, Wynyard, County Durham TS22 5RX.

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