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9 of the best spring cleaning hacks we’ve found on TikTok that’ll change your life

These viral cleaning tips are guaranteed to make your cleaning routine a hell of a lot easier.

Written by Rachael Nichol
Published 06.05.2022

Refresh your carpet with baking soda

There’s nothing worse than when your rug starts to smell musty. All you have to do is fill a mason jar with baking soda, add in about 20 drops of your favourite essential oil, and shake well to combine. Then, sprinkle the mixture on your carpet, let sit for 10 minutes, and vacuum it all up.



Get rid of Tupperware stains

Got tomato stains in your plastic lunch boxes? Instead of throwing them out, put some hot water, fairy liquid and a piece of kitchen roll in with the lid on, give it a good shake and leave it to soak. The kitchen paper will suck up those nasty stains and leave your plastic as good as new.



Clean out your AirPods

When was the last time you cleaned your AirPods? We can’t remember either. These get dirtier than we’d all like to admit, but let’s make our lives easier with this hack of using toothpicks, alcohol, paper towels, blue tack and cotton buds.


Clean your mirrors with a Swiffer Sweeper

Too short to reach the top of your bathroom mirror? Use this cleaning hack to wipe away any dust and watermarks by simply spraying your mirror with your go-to glass cleaner, attaching a microfiber polishing cloth to a Swiffer Sweeper and use the mop to wipe the mirror.



Washing your glasses hack

Just grab your typical washing up sponge, slice it into four segments with a knife – don’t cut the whole way through the sponge –  and tie it to a chopstick or metal straw with an elastic band and voila, you’ll never have to struggle to get the coffee stains out of your mug again.



Goodbye to your streaky glass shower door

Fed up of constantly wiping down your glass shower door but still left with streaks? Introducing this shower glass hack that uses car glass spray Rain.X. Swapping to a harder and more powerful glass spray helps stop those pesky hard water stains in their tracks.


Make your carpet dust-free

This affordable buy will help you achieve the results you’ve always wanted when cleaning your carpet. After you’ve finished hoovering, whip out this gadget and brush it in small motions towards you and repeat until the dust starts to brush up in clumps. Repeat and reuse as much as you like to really get the full effect – it’s so satisfying!



Spotless Pots

We always use the same excuse of ‘letting them soak’ when washing those stubborn pots. But all you have to do is add some baking soda, apple cider vinegar and boiling water and just watch every bit of grime float to the top of your sink.



Clean your oven and microwave while you sleep

It’s the job we all dread doing. Well, here’s how to make this a hell of a lot easier. Mix together baking soda, fairy liquid and water into a paste, line the inside of your microwave and oven with the mixture and leave to soak overnight. Rub off with a bit of vinegar and watch it all shine.

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