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Recipe: Cold Brew Coffee

Baristocracy Coffee lifts the lid on how to make a perfect iced coffee at home.


60g coffee, ground for filter

1 litre of cold water – filtered if possible



Clean tupperware/large ice cream tub with lid

Clean muslin or j-cloth


Sterilised glass bottle/jug with an airtight lid



Add filter ground coffee and water to your tupperware. Cover with the lid and pop in the fridge.

Leave in the fridge for a minimum of 2 hours. How long you brew might take some experimentation as you figure out how you prefer your cold brew.

Lay the clean muslin or j-cloth in sieve.

After 2 hours, strain cold brew through the cloth lined sieve into your sterilised bottle or jug.

It can be enjoyed straight away or kept in the sealed bottle in the fridge for up to a week.



Cold brewing can emphasise the natural sweetness in coffee, resulting in an easy-drinking, refreshing yet naturally sweet beverage to enjoy over ice, as a mixer in a cocktail or straight out of the fridge. It’s also naturally lower in caffeine as heat is usually required to draw caffeine from the bean. However, the longer you brew, the stronger the caffeine kick.


BARISTOCARCY’S TOP TIP: Choose a high quality, speciality coffee for cold brewing. We recommend our Nicaragua or Ethiopia for sweet smokiness.

Recipe credit: Baristocracy CoffeeTo find out more and shop their Baristocracy Coffee collection, visit Baristocracy Coffee’s website, Facebook and Instagram. 

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