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Need a little help with tax and accountancy? Peppercorn Tax are the local tax advisors ditching the technical jargon for real, honest advice

As chartered tax advisors and accountants, Peppercorn Tax have a wealth of advice on tax to share. We ask Director Emma Glover how individuals and businesses can best manage their finances…

Written by Becky Hardy
Published 31.05.2022

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We all know how frustrating sorting out our finances can be.

Quite often, we push it back to the last item on our to-do lists, putting the job off until the last possible moment.

But getting and keeping control of our money is so important, certainly to our financial security as individuals, but also if we harbour any dreams of running our own business. Financial stability is the bedrock of success in business – which is why investing in some professional advice on tax is worth every penny.

Here’s where Peppercorn Tax come in. See, not only are these charted tax advisors veritable virtuosos in their field, but they’re also personable in every sense of the word. Whether you visit their office in Ponteland, Newcastle, or in Castle Eden in County Durham, you’ll be met with a friendly, approachable team of experts who are ready and willing to go the extra mile to help you get the most bang for your buck.

Ditching any elitist technical jargon in favour of real, clear, honest and effective ways of working, the Peppercorn team make sure we understand every step of our accountancy journey, whatever our background.

Spearheaded by the innovation of Directors Emma Glover and Kelly Morgan – who both worked at much larger firms before realising that smaller scale, specialist and more approachable customer service is where their shared passion lies – Peppercorn Tax keep their customers at the heart of everything they do. Which probably explains why they’re so successful at building and maintaining long-term relationships with their clients, (always a good sign, in our book).

Understanding our accounts and tax returns can undoubtedly be complex. But Peppercorn Tax promise to help with tax in every way possible – making a difficult task easy, and a daunting job even (dare we say it) enjoyable.

We caught up with Emma to find out more…

How are Peppercorn Tax different from other tax advisors?

We are tax specialists. We have a really strong tax team, with a wealth of experience in providing tax advice, as well as an amazing accounts team. We can therefore provide a full range of accountancy services whilst always bearing in mind the best tax outcomes for our clients.



You and Kelly both worked at a much larger company before setting up Peppercorn Tax. What was it that attracted you both to starting up your own, smaller firm? 

We wanted to run our own business. We believed we could do it and we wanted to give it a try. We knew that we would lose some of the advantages of working within a larger company, but we were confident that we could provide the advice and give our clients a great service, so we took the risk!

Can you introduce us to the team at Peppercorn and describe each of your specialities? 

Kelly Morgan and I are the Directors of the business. We are both Chartered Tax Advisers and provide tax advisory services covering a broad range of issues; Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax planning, for example, as well as advising on business structures, re-structuring, succession planning and Trusts.

We’re supported by Elisabeth Maw and Sean O’Hara, who help with the tax advisory work and look after all the tax compliance work, too (completion of Tax Returns for individuals, companies and trusts, for example).

Our accounts team is led by our Senior Manager, Beth Ramsden. Beth looks after the accounts work and specialises in helping our more complex clients with business purchases and sales, company restructuring and large group accounts. She is supported on the accounts aspects by Stephen Doyle, who also heads up our bookkeeping and VAT work. We also have a trainee, Tom Haigh, who gets involved in everything!

You’ve spent your career advising small and medium-sized businesses and their owners. How would you describe the North East’s business landscape?

I think North East people are great business people. We are creative, resourceful and entrepreneurial and we work in a very exciting business environment. Business people are flexible and appreciate that changes can ensure great futures for our businesses, so there is continuing change. I think this is only a good thing and I’m very positive about the future.



And what would you say are the most important things for prospective entrepreneurs to know before starting up their own business? 

Get advice from other friends who are in business, but also from a professional expert – try to learn from other people’s mistakes as much as you can, because you’ll be making enough of your own anyway!

How can you help with tax for your individual clients?

We offer advice on everything from income tax planning to pension taxes, residency and domicile advice, inheritance tax planning, capital gain tax mitigation, rollover relief, business asset disposal relief, stamp duty land tax and property taxes. Basically, we can help you with anything you may need to know at any point of your life!



And what about your advice on tax for businesses?

Again, we can help with all aspects of tax planning for businesses. Corporation tax, rollover relief, employee shares schemes, research and development claims, share investment schemes, business sales and acquisitions, VAT queries, business restructuring and capital allowance claims.

You also provide advice for Trusts and Estates. How does that work?

We deal with tax compliance for Trusts and Estates and also advise on setting up Trusts and the ongoing tax obligations for trustees. This includes trust registrations, income tax planning, dealing with HMRC enquiries (including the disclosure of historical income and gains to HMRC), and estate tax returns and income declarations.



And finally, can you explain about the accountancy service you also provide at Peppercorn Tax?

We understand that running a business, no matter the size, is extremely time consuming. We offer a full accountancy service to a broad range of individuals, partnerships and companies. If you want us to take care of everything for you, then we’d be delighted to help! Similarly, if you just want us to advise on one particular area, we’re also more than happy to assist.

Areas we can support you with include year end and statutory accounts, management accounts, forecasts, projections and cashflow statements, bookkeeping services, VAT returns, company secretarial services, P11Ds and associated returns, tax returns and payroll services, including pension auto-enrolment.

In the most basic sense, what’s one thing that everyone should know (or learn!) about tax?

Try to have a basic understanding of how your income is taxed and of some of the most well-used, tax-efficient plans – pensions, gift aid and ISAs come to mind. Do consider using them if they suit your circumstances.



What does the future look like for Peppercorn Tax?

We will remain focussed on tax advice because we think this is what makes us stand out from the crowd. We are very positive about the future and are excited to see what will happen!

To find out how Peppercorn Tax can help you, your business or your estate, visit their website, drop them an email or give them a call on 01661 525094


Or drop into one of their offices and say hello:

Peppercorn Tax, Dissington Hall, Dalton, Ponteland, Newcastle upon Tyne NE18 0AD

Peppercorn Tax, The Old Brewery, Castle Eden, County Durham TS27 4SU

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