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What is Profhilo, can it really save our skin and is it worth it?

Quay Aesthetics tell us about the ultimate anti-ageing treatment taking the skincare world by storm.

Written by Rachael Nichol
Published 06.07.2022


It’s safe to say that, as the years go by, when we look in the mirror we can see the changes time makes to our skin.

Whether it’s dullness, fine lines and wrinkles or dryness, the signs are there that our skin is ageing.

But ageing isn’t a bad thing. All these lines and wrinkles are just signs of life, and a life well-lived at that. Although we all want to age gracefully, we still want to feel confident in our own skin – which is why, sometimes, we need that little boost to keep our skin looking youthful, plump and radiant.

Introducing… Profhilo.

Profhilo is a revolutionary moisturising treatment that injects hyaluronic acid into the skin. The hyrdaurononic gel is one of the highest concentrations on the market that not only boosts and hydrates skin, but remodels ageing and sagging tissue.

Where can you get Profhilo? Quay Aesthetics, that’s where. It can sometimes feel daunting when walking into a skin clinic, especially when it’s your first time. But husband and wife team James and Beth believe a first-class aesthetic experience starts with relationships and will make you feel at ease as soon as you walk through the door.

You’ll have a full consultation in advance, so the highly-skilled team can understand exactly what you’re after and what your desired results are as an individual, before they tailor a top-level treatment plan that’s perfect for you. The Quay Aesthetics team ensure it’s all about having an experience, rather than just a ‘treatment’. That’s why James and Beth are free any time of the day, seven days a week, to offer their expertise and are always making sure they’re adapting and training to bring the newest and best treatments to their clinic.

So, now that you know you’re in good hands, we caught up with Beth, who answered all of our questions about Profhilo…

What is Profhilo?

Originally known as the injectable moisturiser, Profhilo does so much more than just offer maximum skin hydration. This revolutionary treatment works to tighten, plump and firm the skin, giving you radiance like never before. Ultra-pure hyaluronic acid is precisely injected into the area being treated, which causes stimulation of four different types of collagen and elastin, which takes place by the slow release of hyaluronic acid.



What is the treatment used for?

Profhilo is an anti-ageing treatment perfect for those who have lost or are losing their skin’s natural elasticity. It’s predominantly used on the face and neck, however, it can be used in most areas of the body where the skin lacks elasticity. Profhilo has also recently released Profhilo Body, which is targeted specifically at arms and stomachs.

Who is Profhilo for?

The treatment is suitable for both men and women by offering skin benefits for clients of all ages. However, it works best for those over the age of 30.



What are the main benefits of Profhilo?

The main benefit of Profhilo is to improve skin tone, texture, hydration and overall radiance. The increased production of collagen triggered within the skin also help to lift and firm the skin by improving its natural ‘bounce back’.

How long does the Profhilo treatment take?

Profhilo is split into two sessions, one month apart. Each treatment takes only around 20 minutes.



What about recovery?

Profhilo has relatively little downtime. It’s advisable to avoid heavy exercise, saunas orsteam rooms and anti-inflammatory medications for around 24 hours after the treatment.

Does Profhilo hurt?

It’s relatively pain-free, but the substance itself does have a slight sting as it’s injected, but that only lasts seconds.



How long does Profhilo last?

On average, Profhilo lasts between six and nine months, depending on the age and condition of the skin. This is something we can advise on an individual basis.

How much does Profhilo cost?

Each session costS £220 (spread one month apart), so the full treatment is £440. We offer free consultations where clients can learn more about Prohilo and find out if it’s right for them.



How is Profhilo different to dermal fillers?

Unlike wrinkle-reducing and dermal filler treatments, Profhilo stimulates collagen and elastin, attracting water to the deeper layers of the skin without adding volume to give subtle, natural-looking results. As a stabilised product, the activity on dermal cells will last longer than that of a non-stabilised gel.

To book your Profhilo treatment or to find out more information visit Quay Aesthetics’ website.

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