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August’s walk of the month: Cairn Hill, The Cheviot and Scald Hill circular

Any aspiring adventurers out there? This rugged, mountain trail is sure to get your adrenalin pumping.

Written by High Life North
Published 06.08.2022
Image credit: Ramble Co.


Distance: 13.7km (8.5 miles)

Elevation: 641m

Time: 4 – 6 hours



The trailhead for the Cairn Hill, The Cheviot and Scald Hill circular can be found at the car park alongside Harthope Burn, just 0.8km north-east of Langleeford.


Summer is a time for adventure. For daring exploits into the unknown. For sights unseen, for personal bests and for blazing trails. Which is why the Cairn Hill, The Cheviot and Scald Hill circular is our out-and-out favourite for walk of the month this August.

Undoubtedly a challenge, this circular is nevertheless a breath-taking trail which will take your right up into the mountains before giving you spectacular views along the England/Scotland border. Meandering through a valley alongside Harthope Burn, you’ll loop around to traverse the famous Cheviots summits of Cairn Hill, The Cheviot and Scald Hill on your return leg.

For seasoned or aspiring adventurers who are looking to experience the rugged terrain of these Northumberland mountains, it really doesn’t get much better.


HLN Hint: It goes without saying, but please make sure to wear proper walking boots that offer good support and are, ideally, waterproof for this rugged adventure! You’re going to need them… 

Image credit: Ramble Co.


  1. Setting out from the car park, continue along the road to the south-west. It runs parallel to the banks of Harthope Burn and passes through some light tree cover before eventually narrowing into a footpath.
  2. Here, continue uphill through the valley alongside the stream to arrive at the summit of Cairn Hill.
  3. Take some time to appreciate the views of Scotland to the west and England to the east, before following the trail in a north-eastern direction.
  4. Here, traverse the summits of The Cheviot and Scald Hill while taking in more epic views of the surrounding mountains, before descending the slope to the east.
  5. After meeting back up with the road, follow it into the car park where you started your walk and enjoy a well-earned breather.


For more information about the Cairn Hill, The Cheviot and Scald Hill circular, or for more hiking inspo across Northumberland, visit the 10 Adventures website.

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