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Interior design can boost your business – Styled tell us how

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Expanding your customer base, improving producitivty and even increasing your ROI… Styled Interior Design Agency share their commercial design secrets.

Interior design isn’t only an art.

It’s a science.

Growing up watching shows like Changing Rooms and 60 Minute Makeover has left many of us assuming that the only things we need to do to transform a space is give it a lick of paint, whack in a few garish accessories and swap the furniture around.

But great interior designers know how to critically assess a space to consider not only aesthectis but also functionality and, perhaps more importantly, how the space feels.

The secret to effective interior design lies in satisfying the practical, cultural and social needs of the occupants.

When such a space is a commercial property, this comes down to creating innovative ways for a business to perform better and, therefore, generate more success.


So, how important can interior design really be to the success of a business?

‘Very!’ says Bethany Walker, Head of Interior Design & Project Management at Styled Interior Design Agency. ‘Commercial design is crucial as it’s a direct reflection of your company and, often, helps to create your customer’s first impression of the business.

‘The interior design of your space is a unique opportunity to translate your brand story into your physical space – telling your customers what your business is about and what you want to accomplish, as well as helping you attract your ideal consumer. The most successful companies in each industry understand the power of good design to differentiate themselves from their competitors and boost brand awareness.’

Makes sense. But how does that approach differ when designing an office space versus a storefront?

‘The approach to your interior design should always focus on your target audience,’

explains Tasmine Williams, Styled’s Junior Designer. ‘An office should be modern, bright and inspiring with dedicated break-out spaces, meeting rooms and a comfortable working area to ensure businesses have everything they could possibly need.

‘Branding is also key here, as you want potential clients and staff to really buy into the brand. Think about colours, logos and your mission statement, and how you can reflect this in the design.

‘On the other hand, shop spaces will be targeting either existing customers or potential passers-by, meaning a unique and striking space is key to catching their attention. For example, if your products or services are tailored towards luxury, reflecting this through rich colours and luxe fabrics will ensure you’re attracting your ideal customer.’

Styled’s Top Tip: ‘Don’t forget about the smallest rooms – restrooms and reception areas can be the perfect spot for your audience to snap some pictures if the décor is right, so make sure yours are something to shout about.’

Considered interior design can:

  • Differentiate you from your competitors
  • Help customers recognise your brand
  • Communicate your brand values


It’s probably one of the most-asked questions of any employer worth their salt: how do I keep my workforce motivated?

Now, if anyone had the entire answer to this then their net worth would be in the trillions. Of course it will vary from business to business. But what never changes is how much their environment can impact your staff’s productivity.

‘Our environments have a huge impact on us – not only on our productivity, but also on our physical and mental health,’ explains Jasmine Bishop, Interior Designer at Styled. ‘Offering your staff a well-lit, comfortable and inspiring workspace is key.

‘Lighting plays a huge part, so always prioritise lighting as a key part of your design. Consider having dedicated work areas that each offer different ways of working, too. Some staff may work better as part of a group where they can brainstorm together, while others may need peace and quiet to produce their best work.

‘Offering a comfortable break area will also allow the perfect spot to relax and re-group during the day, as well as boosting staff morale.

Considered interior design can:

  • Improve the productivity of your workforce
  • Improve the physical and mental wellbeing of your employees
  • Boost staff morale


Ok, enough about why considered interior design in your commercial property can pay dividiends when it comes to the success of your business. Now onto the really important part – how do you know if you’re doing it right?

At this point, we’re as clueless as you guys. Which is why we asked the Styled team to share some of their top commercial design tips:

  1. Create your buyer or customer persona. Think about their lifestyle, including everything from their disposable income to their likes and dislikes. Then, target your design to suit their wants and needs.
  2. If your target market is younger, chances are they’ll be looking for style as much as substance. Social media-friendly elements – such as neon lighting, quirky artwork, foliage walls and plush furniture – are a must. Perfect for sharing across Instagram, the design will do most of your advertising for you.
  3. Conduct thorough market research. This should look at key competitors and what is (or isn’t) contributing to their success, as well as current design trends within your industry.
  4. If you own a bar or restaurant, go big or go home. Studies now show that the average guest takes pictures of a space for 10 minutes before ordering, so to not think about virality in your design would be a huge mistake.
  5. While many restaurants embody dim, romantic mood-lighting, this isn’t conducive to a flattering Instagram photo. Combine warm overhead lighting with natural light filtering in from your windows to offer your customers an irresistible photo opportunity.


Like we said at the start, interior design is a science as much as it is an art. Which means that it’s only by combining the right elements that your masterpiece will take shape.

There are three things every business owner should consider before starting their redesign,’ says Bethany.

  1. Their brand message
  2. Their target customer
  3. Their customer’s journey with them

‘Understanding your core values as a business will help you determine the key elements of your design. From here, you should consider your target customer and how your business can not only entice them into your space, but enhance their lives.

‘Consider the full customer journey from the moment they enter your establishment to the moment they leave. Think about those all-important extra details that you can add to your space that not only reflect your brand, but also will leave a strong, lasting impact with your client.

‘Investing in this aspect of your business will ensure you’re attracting the right target market, as well as leaving them with a positive lasting impression that can help build your brand awareness and, as a result, have a direct impact on your ROI.’

To find out more about Styled’s secrets to successful commercial design or to request a consultation, visit their website.

And for plenty of interiors inspo, follow Styled Interior Design Agency on Facebook and Instagram.

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