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How Newcastle High School for Girls empowers girls to learn without limits

By tailoring their teaching to specifically suit the needs of girls, these early years, junior and secondary schools in Newcastle equip their pupils to become leaders, trailblazers and world-shapers.

Written by Becky Hardy
Published 05.11.2022

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Newcastle High School for Girls is an independent school committed to offering an outstanding all-girl education from the ages of 3 to 18.

And with 150 years of experience in educating girls here in Newcastle, it seems our daughters are in very safe hands.

In September 2014, Church High School and Central Newcastle High School merged to become Newcastle High School for Girls. Founded in 1872 and 1876 respectively, both were established to offer girls an exceptional education and to ensure young women could have an equal place to their male counterparts in the world.

When it was formed, the team at Newcastle High School for Girls were determined to reflect the school’s roots, which are so firmly planted in the city and surrounding area. Take their emblem as just one example of this – an iconic seahorse, reflecting Newcastle’s heraldic coat of arms which dates back to the 16th century. The seahorse also represents patience, friendship, generosity and persistence – everything that embodies the pupils at Newcastle High School for Girls.


Newcastle High School for Girls recognise that every girl has huge potential and that this potential arises from her unique character, her strengths and her personal attributes.

What’s so appealing about NHSG is that they endeavour to support, nurture and challenge every girl to be herself. To celebrate her individuality, achieve her unique potential and, perhaps most importantly, to approach life with real enjoyment and enthusiasm.

At Newcastle High School for Girls, your daughter can be the young woman she wants to be. Whether she’s 3 or 18, the NHSG team will help her to find her own voice and instil within her the self-assurance and skills to achieve her dreams.


By supporting their pupils to be themselves, Newcastle High School for Girls encourages each of their girls to be everything she can be.

Their teachers are experts in tailoring learning experiences to specifically suit the needs of girls. Through NHSG’s bespoke curriculum – which goes beyond the national statutory requirements – your daughter will discover her strengths and find her niche.

And it’s the all-girl environment that shapes the delivery of that curriculum, challenging girls to take risks and step out of their comfort zone to aim high. Research shows that in an all-girl environment, pupils are more likely to speak out in the classroom and contribute to class discussion.

There’s also no conscious or unconscious gender bias in an all-girls school, so girls know that every option is open to them and that they can take a lead. That’s why, for example, more girls choose STEM subjects and continue with sport through their teenage years at Newcastle High School for Girls. It’s also why their confidence and self-esteem soars, and how they become empowered to face the world head on.

Your daughter will study and grow in an environment characterised by outstanding pastoral care, first class facilities and resources, and a trailblazing spirit.

She will learn without limits.


Newcastle High School for Girls are proud to be part of the Girls’ Day School Trust [GDST].

As the UK’s leading family of 25 independent girls’ schools, in all GDST schools, academic excellence is a given, while developing character beyond the curriculum is a must.

The success of the GDST perhaps lies in the fact that they focus not only on what is learned but also on how it’s learned. As specialists in girls’ education, they tailor their teaching to the way girls learn best.

The GDST ensure that their pupils are confident and fearless, determined to show what they can do without letting anything or anyone hold them back.

By creating an environment where all can thrive and learn from one another, and by encouraging every girl to embrace every role and subject they encounter, the girls trust their own abilities and are alive to every opportunity.

Physical and emotional wellbeing is paramount throughout every GDST school, which is why each provides an unsurpassed array of co-curricular activities and pastoral programmes.

The GDST have 19,000 students under their care. Currently, 79.7% of their pupils have achieved GCSE Levels 7, 8 or 9 and A*/A, while 85.9% of their Sixth Formers have achieved A Levels A*/A.

They’re clearly doing something right.


Inspiration happens in the classroom. And out of it.

At Newcastle High School for Girls, an all-girl education is about more than outstanding academic and pastoral care. It’s about equipping every girl with the ambition, self-assurance and skills to follow their dreams.

Academic rigour and exceptional teaching are at the heart of a NHSG education. Their teachers are experts in the ways girls learn best and offer inspiration at every turn.

And this doesn’t stop at the classroom door.

In fact, as a pupil at Newcastle High School for Girls, every minute of every day is packed full of learning opportunities. Their co-curriculum combines with their curriculum so that every girl has the opportunity to learn new skills, broaden her horizons and have plenty of fun along the way.

So, whether it’s by joining a sports team or taking part in musical theatre; learning to code, gaming or expressing their creativity; dancing, singing, playing instruments or supporting and campaigning for a local charity, your daughter will have ample opportunity to grow her friendship circle, learn important life skills and discover her passions.

The school’s trips programme is impressive and is used not only to expand knowledge connected with the curriculum, but to broaden the girls’ horizons and to give them a wider understanding of the world around them, starting in Nursery and extending right through to Sixth Form. Residential UK-based trips begin in Year 3, and opportunities to travel abroad begin from Year 7. As well as European travel, there are opportunities further afield, such as to China and to Namibia.


Their diverse community is something that Newcastle High School for Girls are especially proud of.

Which is why their school policies state NHSG’s commitment to dealing with prejudice and discrimination firmly so that the school is a safe and happy place for everybody.

The school is dedicated to ensuring that each and every pupil is treated equally and with respect, regardless of the many differences between them. Because whilst NHSG are an all-girls school, they don’t for one minute assume all girls are the same.

Their community is made up of people from all backgrounds and they know that every single member of the community deserves equal respect.

Staff training, PSHE lessons, co-curricular clubs and assemblies are just some of the ways NHSG continue to educate themselves and their pupils about embracing difference and respecting all cultures and lifestyles.

Working towards the GDST Undivided Charter for Action also means that the whole family of GDST schools has the same ethos:

  • Undivided in their commitment to putting their pupils first
  • Undivided in their fearlessness
  • Undivided in their sense of family – where every individual is valued, respected and included

Feeling happy, comfortable, accepted and respected at school is a huge part of doing well and succeeding, both academically and emotionally. But more than this, these qualities help girls to retain their uniqueness – that special spark that makes them who they are.

After all, everyone at Newcastle High School for Girls is there for the same reason: to learn without limits and to open doors to bright, successful futures where they can achieve anything they aspire to.


At Newcastle High School for Girls, first-class facilities and excellent resources help inspire everyone to develop an enthusiasm for learning.

Every aspect of these – from Nursery through to Sixth Form – has been designed to facilitate the delivery of an outstanding education and to meet the needs of the girls.

The Nursery and Junior School, located in Sandyford, are set within a verdant natural environment, with five acres of grounds providing a unique and safe place to learn, play and explore for their youngest pupils. It really is the perfect environment to learn and grow.

And their Jesmond-based Senior School, which was completely redeveloped in 2016, offers an inspiring environment for every discipline. Spacious classrooms, superbly resourced laboratories, outstanding spaces for performing arts and extensive sports facilities – including a fully kitted-out gym – make for an exciting learning environment.


Newcastle High School for Girls offers an excellent awards programme for those joining Year 7 and Year 12 in September 2023. If awarded a means-tested bursary, you could potentially have 100% of fees covered, depending on your family’s household income.

The School’s Scholar Awards are for up to a 50% remission of school fees if your daughter was to be awarded the top Head’s Scholar Award, and 30% for a Scholar Award. There’s also non-academic awards for entry into Year 7 for sport, music, dance and drama, which reduce fees by up to £1,000 a year.

It’s worth exploring the school’s website to discover more about the awards, as they really can make a big difference to the cost of school fees.


We could wax lyrical about the benefits of sending your daughter to Newcastle High School for Girls, (believe us, we really could). But the only way you’ll know if this is the right school for her is by going along for a visit.

Walking through their doors, you’ll immediately gain a sense of the vibrant learning community and will begin to understand just why girls thrive here.

Visits can be arranged throughout the year and you’re always sure to receive a warm, friendly welcome from both staff and pupils.

But visiting the school on one of their regular Open Days means you’ll be able to enjoy a more in-depth exploration of the excellent education they offer and observe their curriculum and co-curriculum in action. You’ll also be able to meet with academic staff to find out more about their approaches to teaching and learning, as well as members of the pastoral team, who will all be on hand to answer any questions.

The next Open Days at Newcastle High School for Girls are:

Early Years and Foundation Stage

9.30am – 11.30am, Friday 4th November 

Senior School and Sixth Form

10am – 1pm, Saturday 5th November

Sixth Form A Level Choices Evening

5pm – 7pm, Tuesday 8th November

Whether you’d love to attend an Open Day or would prefer to visit the school privately, the first step is to make an online enquiry.

To find out more about the benefits of learning at Newcastle High School for Girls and their admissions process, visit their website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Newcastle High School for Girls, Tankerville Terrace, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 3BA  

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