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November’s walk of the month: Bamburgh Castle coastal walk

Blow out the Halloween cobwebs with a beach walk through the bracing sea air.

Written by Becky Hardy
Published 10.11.2022
Header image credit: Stuart Hedley


Distance: 12.2km (7.6 miles)

Elevation: 205 metres

Time: 2.5 – 4 hours



The trailhead for the Bamburgh Castle coastal walk can be found at The Grove transit stop on Church Street in Bamburgh.

HLN Top Tip: If you’re getting to Bamburgh by car, we’d recommend parking in the Castle Car Park. Yes, it costs (£4 for the day), but it’s long stay and is only a 7-minute walk from the walk’s trailhead.


Ok, we know what you’re thinking: the beach? At this time of year?! But hear us out.

Let’s be honest, it’s been a decently mild descent into winter so far, hasn’t it? October was decidedly warmer than usual and we’re yet to see our first frost of the season. Besides, is there anything more refreshing to the body and the soul than a walk through the bracing sea air? Exactly. You’ll thank us for this recommendation, we promise you.

So, what can you expect from this winter jaunt to the seaside? Sensational views and plenty of them, that’s what. This epic coastal adventure will see you pass by historical sites aplenty as you hug the shoreline, with elevation at points high enough to cast your eye over panoramic views across this nook of Northumberland.

While walking the trail, you’ll make your way to the shores of Budle Bay and take in a breath-taking vista across the North Sea on one side and picturesque farmland on the other, before making your way towards Bamburgh Castle: a magnificent fortification that has its origins in the Norman era.

This one’s a great intermediate-length route that will appeal to hiking beginners and outdoor enthusiasts alike.


Image credit: Jacob Murray


If a laidback winter walk with plenty of scenery is what you’re after this month, then the Bamburgh Castle coastal walk is guaranteed to impress.

Setting off from the trailhead, make your way to the west along Radcliffe Road, before breaking off to the south-west to traverse the open countryside.

From here, pass through some small sections of woodland terrain and, at the edge of Budle Bay, follow along its shoreline to the north-east. This portion of the walk is very scenic, offering some amazing views across the bay and looking out further into the blue expanse of the North Sea.

After travelling the rugged terrain of Budle Point, make your way to the south-east along the beach, where you’ll have an incredible view of Bamburgh Castle. Those who would like to further explore the grounds of the castle will have to pay an entrance fee.

From here, make your way along the final leg of the walk to pass through the village on the return to the trailhead where you began.


For more information about the Bamburgh Castle coastal walk, or for more walking inspo across Northumberland, visit the 10 Adventures’ website.

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