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Need a new job? Ad Gefrin have vacancies you won’t see anywhere else…

We reckon becoming an ‘alchemist’ at an Anglo-Saxon museum and English whisky distillery definitely constitutes a career change.

Written by Becky Hardy
Published 23.11.2022

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As the year draws to a close, it’s a time for many of us to re-evaluate our life choices – namely, our careers.

The good news is, we already know a significant change is on the cards for our region in 2023, as Northumberland’s brand new Anglo-Saxon museum and whisky distillery, Ad Gefrin, prepares to open its doors – bringing with it a wealth of job opportunities for the local community.

Here’s what you need to know…


In Spring 2023, the Ad Gefrin team will unfurl their world-class Anglo-Saxon museum and English whisky distillery – which will celebrate the unique heritage, ancient hospitality, and contemporary crafts, arts and produce of Northumberland.

They’ll also be re-awakening the Northumbrian tradition for whisky distilling that has slept for more than 200 years…

Inviting young and old to step back in time to the Royal Court of the 7th century, Ad Gefrin is set to become world-renowned for providing an immersive visitor experience with a welcome like no other – which is why they need to recruit people as dedicated to the cause as they are.


With a vast variety of opportunities available (including some job roles you’ll have never heard of before), the Ad Gefrin team are looking for applicants able to work full-time, part-time and casual hours and are particularly keen for those who are flexible and happy to move across a number of roles.

So, whatever your age, if you have a passion for heritage or distilling, food or selling and you want to share your passion with others, get in touch.

You never know, you could be the newest member of the Ad Gefrin family.


Because we always want to ensure HLN readers get the inside scoop, we’ve reached out to Sam Spoors at Talentheads – the strategists helping Ad Gefrin recruit smartly – for some expert advice.

For every role we’ve listed below, we’ve included Sam’s top tips for shining at the application and interview stages.

So, what job vacancies are coming up at Ad Gefrin?



First and foremost, Ad Gefrin is a visitor destination and is striving to be ahead of the curve when it comes to professionalism, hospitality, friendliness and the ability to inspire ­– and this goes for their staff, too.

Their inspiration comes from the ancient hospitality of the Great Halls of the 7th Anglo-Saxon Kings and Queens of Northumbria. This ‘royal’ welcome is all pervasive and is at the heart of everything Ad Gefrin stands for, whether it be the visitor experience or the distillery – the northernmost English whisky distillery and Northumberland’s first ‘legal’ one!

The Ad Gefrin team are looking for a wealth of curious, passionate and creative champions of what makes Northumberland special to not only lend their expertise to bringing true hospitality to life, but to be history honouring and history making in putting Ad Gefrin on the world stage.

Roles coming up:

  • Tour Guides
  • The Alchemist
  • Travel, Trade & Events specialists

HLN’s Role Spotlight: The Alchemist

The Alchemist role is unique to Ad Gefrin and is central to what makes Ad Gefrin special. You’ll be the key ambassador for Ad Gefrin spirits within the visitor experience and a lead role in ensuring a Distillery Tour and Tasting an unforgettable experience.

It’s ideal but not essential if you have a passion for, and an in-depth knowledge in, whisky. You can be taught that, but you can’t be taught flair and showmanship, which you will need in barrels.

As well as master of the Tasting Room, you will be on hand to ensure that all visitors to the Bistro are guided through their choice of drinks and encouraged on their whisky journey.

Externally, you will represent Ad Gefrin at trade shows and live fairs, bringing your skills to the fore to ensure that Ad Gefrin achieves a reputation for excellence in all that they do.

What the Talentheads team recommend:

‘If you’re thinking about applying for a role within the distillery experience side of things at Ad Gefrin, then a keenness to explain, educate and inspire tours of guests about the whisky here is essential.’


An army marches on its stomach – this was as true of the Anglo-Saxons as it is of the swatches of tourists that flock to Northumberland every year on their various sightseeing missions. So, when they visit Ad Gefrin, it’s essential they’re well fed and watered (or should that be ‘whiskied’?).

Ad Gefrin’s ambition for their hospitality offering is that of excellence. As well as reawakening the Northumbrian tradition for whisky distilling that has slept for more than 200 years, they also want to celebrate the very best of all that is Northumbrian in a culinary sense – be that in the form of brunch, lunch, afternoon tea or decadent dining.

Roles coming up:

  • Chefs
  • Kitchen porters
  • Bar staff
  • Supervisors

HLN’s Role Spotlight: Kitchen Porter

So, you think it will be all about pots and pans? Well, there will be plenty of those, but this role is essential to everything in the kitchen running smoothly.

On your shoulders will rest the efficiency of the whole of what will be one of the fastest paced teams in the building. Ad Gefrin are looking for energy, attention to detail, a love for getting things done to the best of your ability, time and time again.

Your good humour, drive and support for colleagues will be the glue to everyone pulling together – and what is more, it will be on display to the public via the open kitchen.

What the Talentheads team recommend:

‘Ad Gefrin are looking for people with a warm, welcoming manner to make guests feel special. You’ll need a passion for local food and drink and the willingness to provide a high-quality experience for all visitors – be that in their restaurant, bistro, private dining or tasting experiences.’


As with any thriving business, in order to excel your facilities must be exceptionally preserved. And that is exactly what Ad Gefrin intend to do.

To achieve this, they’re looking to hire talented people across a range of disciplines to maintain the beauty, grandeur, functionality and magic of the museum and distillery to the very highest of standards.

Roles coming up:

  • Caretakers
  • Gardeners
  • Cleaners
  • Maintenance workers

HLN’s Role Spotlight: Gardeners

The finish and detail invested in Ad Gefrin as a world-class visitor destination doesn’t stop with the interiors. The landscaping and gardens – which takes in a restored 18th century miller’s house and a newly created rill stream – have been carefully designed to reflect the overall brand.

The planting encompasses flora indigenous to the Cheviot Hills and the local environment, with just as many stories to tell. Some of the botanicals may even end up in Ad Gefrin’s spirits.

If you love to be outdoors, are fascinated by our local landscape and have green fingers, this would be a great way to become part of the Ad Gefrin story. 

What the Talentheads team recommend:

‘Wherever your area of interest in the management and care of the facilities here, the Ad Gefrin site is large so will require a strong and varied team dedicated to its upkeep and committed to keeping the site in excellent condition for visitors.’


Yes, Ad Gefrin is a visitor destination and wants to attract visitors from far and wide to Northumberland. But they’re also a distillery – keen to distribute their whisky to only the most discerning bars, pubs, restaurants and wholesalers in the country (and beyond).

That’s where you come in. The quality of Ad Gefrin’s whisky sells itself, but that doesn’t mean the distillery doesn’t need friendly, talented individuals to speak on its behalf and reach out to establishments that may not have yet heard about this sensational new spirit.

Roles coming up:

  • Sales Support
  • Packaging
  • Drivers

HLN’s Role Spotlight: Drivers

On the road for Ad Gefrin means being driver, ambassador and salesperson, all rolled into one.

This isn’t just a ‘drop off safely’ function; Ad Gefrin are looking for people who wholly embrace their story and champion the brand. An in-depth knowledge of their whisky and spirits will be essential, but equally important will be the ability to create strong relationships and rapport with their commercial customers.

Not only that, your ‘on-the-road’ intelligence of who is doing what and the ability to spot a new commercial partnership to showcase their products to the public will be invaluable.

What the Talentheads team recommend:

‘Ad Gefrin are looking for candidates with a passion for their own products and the local products they’ll also be looking to promote. To be one step ahead in your application for a sales role here, take a genuine interest in their products and be ready to impart your extra knowledge about their creation and provenance to customers.’


Like any new business, Ad Gefrin are keen to work flexibly to ensure that they are always able to satisfy the needs of their customers, clients and guests. No-one can predict the future or say in advance when they may be short-staffed, extra burdened or unusually busy – but they can be prepared.

That’s why Ad Gefrin are looking to employ individuals within a range of general, casual and flexible support roles onsite. Which is perfect for any of you looking for a little variety in your employment. Maybe you’re after some work experience with panache or want to see what Ad Gefrin is all about before applying for a role with more responsibilities.

Whatever your motive, if you’re keen to simply be a part of the Ad Gefrin family, then these roles are an ideal introduction.

Roles coming up:

  • Bottling
  • Packaging
  • Distribution
  • Events

HLN’s Role Spotlight: All of the above

If you are a Jack or Jill of all trades, if you can turn your hand to anything at the drop of a hat and love variety, then being part of Ad Gefrin’s ‘all hands to the deck team’ is for you.

These are the moments when the Ad Gefrin team need back-up support for one-off pushes to get things over the line – either back-of-house in the distillery to get major orders out, or entertaining their guests at major events, such as ‘Meet the Maker’ fairs or celebratory and seasonal occasions.

If you don’t want to commit to a part-time or full-time role, but like the idea of being on call (with notice) to step in when needed, this is where you can really add value.

What the Talentheads team recommend:

‘Ad Gefrin are looking for people to bring their individual personality, skills and knowledge to the site and who are prepared to share experiences with their visitors. For them, it’s all about working together and achieving collaborative success with their staff to create an extraordinary local legacy in Northumberland.’

Find out more about the individual vacancies available at Ad Gefrin on their website. Or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Ad Gefrin, South Road, Wooler, Northumberland NE71 6NJ

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