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5 apps to keep you motivated in 2023

From habit trackers and book summary services to free workouts with celebrity trainers, these apps will make achieving your goals easier than ever.

Written by Becky Hardy
Published 04.01.2023


We’re as career focused as they come, but an app that’s purely corporate in subject and style is still a huge turn-off.

We want something bright and colourful, filled with dopamine and inspiration; we want to feel healthy and supported as well as nurtured and challenged; we want something, well… Fabulous.

This habit tracker is our new favourite download. Prioritising mental health by helping you to build healthy habits (and identify and break unhealthy ones), Fabulous has evolved into a pocket-perfect self-improvement platform.

Here you can set yourself daily goals and longer-term targets; Fabulous will keep you on track with reminders and motivational quotes, as well as a personalised routine to help make your newfound productivity stick.

But what we love is the artistic user interface, with colourful notes and music all pitching in to help keep you feeling not only focused, but fabulous.



If your New Year’s resolutions are revolving around personal growth, then Blinkist is the app for you.

As a premium book summary service, Blinkist’s aim is to help you digest the key insights of books in 15 minutes or less – meaning you’re never short of inspiration without draining your time.

Bringing together quotes, excerpts and short articles from global bestsellers, Blinkist offers you motivational thoughts on leadership values, business strategies and coping mechanisms, (all of which you can sync with your Kindle, FYI).

Rather listen instead of read? No problem. Blinkist also gives you access to some of the best podcasts and audiobooks at discounted rates.



For many of us, a New Year brings with it renewed fitness goals. But we’re all familiar with the January gym rush and the February fall-off the wagon.

We’ve tried our fair share of fitness apps over the years, from Strava to MyFitnessPal, and while most are great you’re limited to the support you can get for free – meaning it’s that bit harder to keep yourself on track.

Which is why we were amazed that the new kid on the fitness app block, FitOn, offers tons of workout videos and resources for free.

Not only that, you’re guaranteed results by being given access to celebrity and world-class trainers who have the time, money and will to try out all the most cutting-edge fitness trends, ready to share with you.

The beauty of FitOn is that no equipment is required to complete the workouts, meaning you can practise your fitness anytime, anywhere. There’s plenty of variety in what classes are on offer too, with short, effective workouts promising to make a difference without taking up your time.

Stay toned, lose weight, get strong, reduce stress… whatever your goals for this year, FitOn looks like your best bet to achieve them.




We all know that feeling… the Sunday scaries before a week back at work. Seeing your To Do list growing exponentially on a Monday morning. That spontaneous Zoom call you feel totally unprepared for.

You never really know what work is going to throw at you next. But this app promises that by spending just two minutes on Bunch, you’ll feel prepared for anything.

And we’d have to agree. We’re big believers in the ‘stress less, achieve more’ approach, which is why Bunch has fast become a Team HLN fave. Offering daily tips and practice scenarios, micro-courses from world class experts and on-demand support, you can’t help but feel better equipped to deal with whatever challenges you face in the office.

Better still, the app is designed around your specific needs. When you set up, Bunch will ask you questions to establish your working personality; based on this, the main dashboard can then display your attitude, strengths, growth opportunities, ideal team situation and points to watch out for. It can identify the skills you need to work on and will share insight from similar leaders around the world who you can refer to.

Straight-to-the-point, no-fluff advice that’s actionable enough to put straight into practice after just a couple of minutes – what’s not to love?



We’ve already explored how beneficial journaling can be to our mindfulness.

Whether it’s helping us stay calm in stressful situations or improving our memories, keeping us motivated or encouraging us to de-stress, the act of writing a little every day can work wonders.

But we’ve all had that high school nightmare, haven’t we – what if someone got hold of our diary?!

Well, that’s where Journey comes in. Journey offers a sanctuary for your mind, helping to increase your positive energy, find ways to be more grateful and calmer, and even manage the way you think about situations, all through journaling. Better yet, all this is 100% secure thanks to the app’s passcode.

You can sync content across devices so you can access your journal anytime, anywhere. You can also add photos in there too, to really bring your memories and feelings to life. And if you’re ever experiencing writer’s block, the app can give you multiple challenges to keep you expressing yourself.

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