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Regular Jo’s is our new favourite spot for a cosy coffee…

When it comes to the best coffee shops Newcastle has to offer, this quirky independent by the coast has well and truly thrown its hat into the ring.

Written by Becky Hardy
Published 20.01.2023

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Instinctively, there’s a need in all of us to match coffee with inspiration.

Art, music, a good book, a great bunch of friends; coffee fuels our sense of discovery.

And at this time of year especially, we find ourselves in need of inspiration. Renewed after the Christmas break, we notice we’re searching for ways to improve ourselves or consolidate our achievements, to learn more and love easier, to get out of our comfort zone and challenge ourselves for this, a new year.

But this miserable January weather means we’re also wanting to do all this from the comfort of somewhere warm and cosy.

Somewhere like Regular Jo’s speciality coffee shop in Tynemouth.


There’s no other word for it, guys – Regular Jo’s Coffee is just bloody cool.

With Scandi vibes and a relaxed, surfer-style mentality, that fresh coastal air outside and an eclectic objet d’art at every turn, the newest kid on Tynemouth’s block is a flâneur’s paradise.

‘As a coffee enthusiast and a weekly customer at Tynemouth Market, I realised there wasn’t much choice in terms of speciality coffee,’ explains Regular Jo’s founder, Josephine Peel.

‘I thought it could be fun to have a stall. I never really thought about it being a career, yet here we are almost 8 years later, in my own shop!’

Sure, it may not be the biggest of coffee shops in Tynemouth, but for us it’s the cosiness of Regular Jo’s that really adds to its charm. Plus, this edgy eatery more than makes up for its lack of size by bringing together artwork from local creatives, sustainable gifts from local producers and a packed calendar of live pop-up events under its roof.

Better still, there’s plenty of extra seating outside for those warmer months, so you can still get your fill of sunshine and sea air.

But the main clue to Regular Jo’s vibe really is in the word ‘speciality’. After all, where else would you find 100% plant-based brews, silky smooth frappes or CBD coffee creations?


And that’s just for the humans.

Because let’s be real – dogs and beaches go together about as well as Ant and Dec.

But while Tynemouth boasts one of the most impressive stretches of sand on our illustrious North East coastline, head down to Longsands in January and you’ll likely be buffeted by that, well, refreshing North Sea ‘breeze’.

Chances are, you and your pup will need to warm yourselves up after walkies – so knowing a cosy coffee shop that’ll welcome your four-legged friends inside with a pup-cup of the good stuff (whipped cream, made especially for dogs), is always handy.

‘Dogs are the best!’ says Jo. ‘Having some of the best coastal walks for both people and dogs on our doorstep, it’s only fair to be accommodating to everyone. A quick cuddle and a pup cup make our day.’


Regular Jo’s bread and butter may be their speciality coffees, but it’s the bites they serve with their brews that really makes this metaphorical sandwich.

Think fluffy, dusted doughnuts oozing with filling, crispy croissants with melted cheese sneaking out the sides, vegan bagels, pulled pork rolls, cookie pie slices and pretty much everything in between.

But what we love even more than how delicious all of the above is, is that they’re sourced from local producers. Proven Goods. Eli’s Bakery. King Baby Bagels. The Little Dough Dough Bakery. Crooked Cookie Co. All fellow indie businesses from right here in the North East (many just up the road in Tynemouth), slaying their respective games in the hospitality sector.

Regular Jo’s supports them all, (and more).

‘After working Tynemouth market for all these years, I’ve met some amazing people and their businesses,’ Jo tells us.

‘I wanted to keep that feeling of community in the coffee shop – not only with the products and items that I sell, but also through the monthly pop-up events we host, which allow a small business to trade in store for a day.’

‘I’m a small business myself and everything we can do to help each other is so important. We’re all in it together, really.’

From the beans in your coffee to the leaves in your tea or the lemons in your Lemonaid, the provenance of the produce served at Regular Jo’s is at the core of who they are as a business, with sustainability, accessibility and good taste forever at the fore.

And that’s not just when it comes to bakes or brews, either. Everything from their ceramic mugs and coasters to their personalised tote bags and hand-carved coffee scoops have been carefully crafted from artisan makers across the region.

So, if you’re looking for a little of that inspiration we were talking about earlier and fancy finding your new favourite small business to support, head to this Tynemouth café and enjoy a cup of Jo’s.


Regular Jo’s Coffee is excuse enough to visit Tynemouth.

Another chilly Saturday morning with not much on the weekend’s horizon? Hole up with a cosy coffee and watch the world go by.

Wanting to warm up after walkies on the beach? Reward your best girl or boy with a puppuccino and a slice of something nice for yourself.

Need somewhere edgy to impress your Hinge date? Nothing cooler than local artwork, artisan bakes and the promise of long walks on the beach after.

Suddenly find you have a Sunday free? Mooch round Tynemouth Market and catch Regular Jo’s on Wheels.

‘I love the unlimited supply of coffee in my job!’ Jo laughs. ‘But what I love most is that it doesn’t really feel like work at all, (in the shop that is – it’s definitely hard work on the mobile unit!).

‘It’s such a lush atmosphere serving coffees in such a small, cosy environment. Working here is as if we’re just spending time with friends.’

Regular Jo’s is exactly what any good coffee shop should be: a community hub. A space in which people can come together and share what they’re passionate about, learn a little more about who and what lives on their doorstep and be inspired by the wealth of creativity and generosity that characterises this nook of the North East.


We ask the expert what not to miss…


The Flat White

‘As a speciality coffee shop, we try to keep things simple,’ says Jo. ‘Our number one seller is the flat white: a short, strong, milk-based drink, originating from Australia. It’s super delicious.’


The Chai

‘If you’re after a comforting and warming drink, our chai is something else,’ Jo tells us. ‘Sweet and spiced, it gives you a hug from the inside. And, if you want that caffeine hit, why not make it “dirty” with a double espresso?’

The Hot Chocolate

‘We do a delicious hot dark (42%) chocolate,’ says Jo. ‘It’s rich and creamy and works super well with espresso to make a tasty mocha.’


The CBD Coffee

‘We work closely with Karma Coast, the store upstairs,’ Jo explains. ‘They’re a CBD company and have created a water-soluble CBD “mylk” that can be added to any drink. This helps combat any jitters you may experience with caffeine. It also has so many health benefits.’

‘All our drinks can be made vegan/dairy-free with oat m*lk for no extra charge,’ Jo continues. ‘We also offer cold drinks such as:

  • Charitea & Lemonaid, where every bottle purchased helps fund social projects.
  • Karma Drinks – again, working with Karma Coast, where 1% of revenue from every Karma Drink goes to their Cola nut growers and their communities in Sierra Leone.
  • Local, seasonal drinks, including Life Kombucha, who are a small-batch, independent company here in the North East using all fair-trade and organic produce.’


Dial up your snack game with bites recommended by the boss herself…

‘The food we offer is all from independent bakers,’ Jo tells us. ‘The three companies that we work with consistently are:



‘A super small, independent bakery who offer a vegan, GF, raw selection of sweet treats. Our favourite is the Power Ball – there’s always two or more flavours of them available.


The Little Dough Dough Bakery

‘These guys produce our brownies, savoury rolls, cakes and cookies. You wouldn’t guess they’re vegan too!’


Eli’s Bakery

‘Eli’s give us the most delicious ham and cheese croissants every Friday. You better come quick for those mind, as they’re out the door as soon as they are delivered!’

Regular Jo’s Coffee, Percy Park Road, Tynemouth, North Shields NE30 4LY

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