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Low libido? Doctor Seaweed has created your sex life saviour…

A low sex drive could be caused by a lack of iodine in your diet – something natural seaweed supplements could sort out in a jiffy.

Written by Becky Hardy
Published 11.02.2023

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Unfortunately for those suffering with it, there can be many possible reasons for experiencing a low sex drive.

And it’s a common problem. Studies suggest one-third of sexually active women believe they have lost interest in sex due to issues such as stress, low mood and hormonal fluctuations.

From relationship problems to vaginal dryness, anxiety, depression or drinking too much alcohol, our libido can be a fragile thing.

But one cause that’s commonly overlooked is iodine deficiency.


You are what you eat, or so the saying goes, (even though we can’t remember snacking on anxiety or back pain recently).

We’ve heard of aphrodisiacs – oysters, artichokes, chocolate and those other superfoods said to increase our sex drive with every bite. Well, the same goes for losing our libido, too. Guess they don’t call it ‘sexual appetite’ for nothing.

Missing out on key nutrients in our diet could lead to us feeling weak, tired, lacking in energy and less interested in sex. Vitamins B and D, as well as zinc and magnesium, are commonly thought to impact our sex drive – as does iodine.

How? Well, the natural iodine found in seaweed supports our body’s production of thyroid hormones. These, in turn, control our metabolism, regulating our heart, muscle and digestive function and maintaining our bone structure.

Specifically, women who have a low production of thyroid hormones have also reported difficulties with vaginal dryness and trouble having orgasms. Understandably, this can make it even more challenging to feel ready for sex.

And it’s not just women whose bedroom behaviours can be affected by a low iodine intake. The same study found hormonal imbalance in men, caused by a low production of thyroid hormones, can result in erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation – both of which can be far less of a problem once thyroid function is treated.

The biggest problem? Statistically, many of us aren’t getting enough iodine in our diets.

Research shows the UK is one of just two high-income countries with iodine deficiency issues and has a worse rate than some developing countries. This is largely linked to poor intake of iodine-rich foods, such as white fish, dairy and the right kinds of seaweed. 

Doctor Seaweed recommends: If a low sex drive has also coincided with tiredness, being sensitive to the cold, weight gain, depression, muscle aches or irregular periods, then it could be worth asking your GP about Hypothyroidism.


As with many health concerns, the first port of call when considering how to recover your lost libido should be lie within your lifestyle choices.

Firstly, think about:

  • Exercise.

Are you getting enough of it? Regular aerobic exercise combined with strength training can increase stamina, boost your mood, improve your confidence levels and get you feeling more up for getting down.

  • Stress.

Are you taking on too much? Try to find easier ways of coping with the work, family, or financial pressures you can’t get out of, and consider delegating or flat out refusing the ones you can shirk.

  • Communication.

Couples who learn to communicate openly and honestly usually maintain a stronger physical and emotional connection. Try talking to your partner about your likes and dislikes in the bedroom to improve intimacy.

  • Time.

It sounds contrived and un-romantic, but if you’re struggling to squeeze spontaneous sexy time into your schedule, then plan ahead. Making intimacy a priority can help recover lost libido.

  • Bad habits.

Smoking, drugs and excess alcohol can all squash your sex drive. Looking after your overall health is bound to be a libido booster.

  • Spicing things up.

Experimenting in the bedroom with different positions and locations, new sex toys, longer foreplay and fantasies can help rekindle your desire.

If you’re still feeling a loss of libido, take another look at your diet.

Foods containing nutrients and enzymes that enhance energy are always a good place to start. Bananas, avocados, porridge, yoghurt, figs, cinnamon and the like will all help keep you fuelled up for hours, ramping up your desire for sex in the process.

Additionally, some holistic help from our friendly neighbourhood Doctor Seaweed can also work wonders.


Say hello to your sex life saviour.

We’ve already shared some of the wellness secrets of seaweed with you guys; from boosting immunity to saving our skin and beating fatigue, it seems kelp really is here to help.

But here’s the big news. Doctor Seaweed have just launched a brand new supplement in their Weed & Wonderful range, entirely focused on boosting your sex drive.

Allow us to introduce: Sex+.

See, Dr Craig Rose – aka Doctor Seaweed – knew that sprinkling seaweed on our morning cornflakes was never going to be an option in the fight against iodine deficiency. So, he figured out a way of formulating handy, all-natural capsules that pack one hell of a wellness punch.

Centred around the idea that our sexual health is intimately connected to our holistic health, taking one Sex+ supplement a day can provide us with all the iodine we need to support a healthy thyroid.

And in the most natural way, too. The seaweed at the core of Doctor Seaweed’s Sex+ supplements (and, indeed, their entire Weed & Wonderful range), is wild harvested sustainably from the Scottish Outer Hebrides. Nothing is added, nothing is taken away.

Just seaweed – ready and waiting to lift your libido.


The natural iodine within the seaweed is placed into capsules for ease of taking and is absorbed much in the same way as it would be from eating other whole food sources, such as white fish or dairy. To put the iodine content into context, one 500mg Pure Seaweed Capsule contains the same iodine levels as a portion of haddock, which is within safe limits.  

Although all products in the range are natural and contain no synthetic ingredients, it is still important to consider your wider diet, supplement regime and existing iodine intake when introducing any new supplements into your diet. It’s always wise to consult your GP first if you have any questions or concerns.


To find out more about Doctor Seaweed, their new Sex+ supplements and how they can help increase libido, visit their website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram

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