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How counselling with a holistic approach could be the healing you’ve been looking for

Holistic counsellor and hypnotherapist Fay Goodman will help you connect your mind and body through holistic counselling - which is said to have more benefits than traditional methods.

Written by Rachael Nichol
Published 21.02.2023


No matter what we seem like on the outside, we all have our own struggles behind closed doors. The more we hide them and act like they aren’t there, the worse our mental health gets and begins to eat us up inside.

Self-care is so important, taking some time to focus on your wellbeing is vital on your journey to healing. Whether you have a stressful job, want to enhance yourself or suffering from depression or anxiety, the first monumental step is being brave enough to reach out for help. But have you ever considered holistic counselling?

Introducing Fay Goodman who will take you on a healing journey. After being a yoga teacher for seven years, holistic counsellor and hypnotherapist Fay is now our go-to person when it comes to connecting our body, soul and mind.

Fay provides a safe and exclusive space to support your thought process and worries, examine your behaviour patterns and will work with you towards your healing journey.

Want to know more? We caught up with Fay to find out what holistic counselling is and its benefits.

Talk to us about healing.

When I use the term ‘healing’ I don’t like the idea that if we need to heal, we must be broken. We’re never broken. We are humans navigating human experiences, which can be extremely challenging. I simply think that it brings you back into alignment. Often when we go through tough times and traumatic experiences, aspects of ourselves get lost or hidden. I believe when you heal you bring all parts of yourself back together. Creating this whole, complete and authentic version of yourself – flaws and all. I don’t call myself a healer because I believe we are all self healers, I just provide the space for you to deep dive into your self enquiry.


How are our bodies and minds connected?

In society, we have created this illusion that the mind and body are separate when they are not, so it’s important to focus on creating a space of safety physically and mentally. Our body is connected to our mind via small fascia that weave throughout our body. This fascia is connected to our nervous system, so when we feel our sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight mode) activated during times of stress, not only does the mind respond, but the body does too.

What is holistic counselling and how does it work better than traditional methods?

As well as using traditional talking therapies, I focus on you as a whole. I believe that we are all different and sometimes we can talk about a problem until the end of time without it making a difference. Holistic counselling offers a safe space for you to not only address how you are feeling, understand what is going on in your mind and observe your behavioural patterns through talking therapy, but it also focuses on your body and energy. I work with clients individually and intuitively to create sessions where they can really feel the shifts not just in the mind but in the physical too.


How often do you need counselling?

I tend to see my clients every week, that way they can go away to process the session and integrate it into their day-to-day lives while knowing they will be coming back to discuss any observations or challenges they may have encountered. In the beginning, when you are starting to delve into what’s going on under the surface it’s important to stick to it, the outcome can lead to incredible breakthroughs.



What are the benefits of holistic therapy?

After sessions, a lot of my clients tell me they feel ‘lighter’. I believe this is due to the fact they can release their emotions and thoughts that have been weighing heavy on their minds but also because energetically and physically we are releasing them as well.

I also think one of the main benefits of this type of therapy is that you can really start to build a deep level of trust in yourself. Trust that whatever is going on in your mind will pass and that you have the power and strength within yourself to deal with it, but also trust in your body. Trust and belief in your body allows you to live your life. The more you build that trust, the more you start to believe in yourself, allow your truest self to shine and create a life that feels authentic to you.


‘Fay’s counselling offers different kinds of techniques. They allowed me to face obscure parts of myself and deal with them through feelings and intention and energy, leaving me with a sense of resolution and peace,’ says Irene. ‘Compared with previous traditional psychotherapy I had, I’d say that the work I’ve done with Fay is deeper and quicker, authentic and long-lasting. I’m grateful for the healing I received in just four months and for the self-healing skills I have learnt, I feel I can now manage stress a little bit better than before.’

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