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4 women reveal how NDU Studios latest treatment has transformed their bodies

Tone up, build muscle and lose fat with the newest EMS technology, Onnafit, which has the same benefits of doing hundreds of squats per session without having to go to the gym.

Written by Rachael Nichol
Published 25.02.2023

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We’ve all done it, spent hours on the treadmill in the gym and never seen results, so we give up and continue paying for a gym membership we never use.

But what about if we said there’s a new technology (Electrical Muscle Stimulation – EMS) that results in the equivalent of doing hundreds of squats without even needing to break a sweat in the gym? Sign us up.

EMS is more than a fitness trend – it’s a tech-driven revelation, promising to work our bodies harder and smarter to achieve healthier results. And the only gym in the North East to specialise in electrical muscle stimulation… NDU Studios.

But now, as well as fitness based EMS, NDU Studios have recently launched their newest treatment, Onnafit – which we’re so excited about – a treatment incorporating EMS technology that gives you fast results in more than 10 body areas.

All you need to do is sit back, relax and let the device do the hard work for you.

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Merging EMS technology with low frequency ultrasound (20 – 200KHz) and pressotherapy, Onnafit body sculpt targets muscle toning and firming, fat dissolution and lymphatic drainage. This technology works 10 body areas simultaneously, including areas such as the abdomen, legs, buttocks and arms, ensuring you see results in the places that matter to you.

Similar to the EMS NDU Studios offer during physical training, the Onnafit body sculpt system consists of a wearable device which emits electrical waves producing a muscle contraction – which feels like a pulsing or buzzing sensation. The more intense the pulse – the faster you see results. Simultaneously, the ultrasound and pressotherapy work silently to facilitate fat breakdown and elimination from your body.


You can see these noticeable changes to your body after just six-eight sessions including;

  • Muscle firming
  • Targeted fat loss
  • Enhanced body toning
  • Improved circulation
  • Accelerated metabolism
  • Reduced cellulite


NDU Studios will work with you to develop a tailored programme focused on your individual goals:

  1. Tanita full body analysis – NDU Studios will undertake Tanita full body analysis before you start your treatment to help you understand your starting point and track your progress
  2. Treatment – Onnafit triple technology gets you results in just 6-8 sessions
  3. Maintain – top up sessions are needed for result maintenance



Claire Holder

Claire is a 44-year-old who over the years has varied between periods of being very active and fit to being “predominantly horizontal with a glass of wine”. Her inactive period resulted from a knee injury, long days of working on her feet and hours of commuting, leaving her with no time to exercise.

Claire’s experience:

‘I had tried EMS with Ike previously and really enjoyed it, so when he mentioned the new aesthetic EMS he was bringing to the studio where you could just lie back and the Onnafit device would burn away the fat, I was all in. I was initially got shocked by the intensity of my first treatment, but you get used to the feeling/experience and can tolerate the increased sessional frequency.

‘After just the first session, I felt great. My body felt lighter, I felt like I had worked out and I was excited to see the results. My body has adapted to the workouts and the treatment, and even my knee issues have diminished (whether from Onnafit or the increased exercise or a combination of both) After six sessions I now look stronger, and slimmer and feel the best I have in a long time. I’m going to continue to the full 12 sessions for optimal results. But I am hooked.’

Tracey Heslop

Tracey has had diabetes type 1 and thyroid problems since she was 16 years old. Although always active and with a reasonably balanced diet, Tracey still found it difficult to shift the stubborn weight she carried around the top of her thighs, hips and bum.

Tracey’s experience:

‘I started to attend NDU studio two months ago doing one functional session and one EMS session a week I’ve noticed fast results. At the start, and before, I was apprehensive – I wasn’t sure what to expect and was paying a bit more than I ever had for training sessions. I started doing Onnafit to help me shift my problem areas and have more intense targeted treatment. During the treatment, I felt an electric sensation in the top of my legs and butt. It’s not painful and I relaxed into it as the treatment progressed.

‘Afterwards, I felt relaxed but energised. After just my third session my skinny jeans went on better. I’m seeing a noticeable reduction in my legs, butt, hips and waist. Following the fourth session, I felt like my stomach was flatter, which was surprising. I felt more energised and awake after treatment compared to before. It is pretty unbelievable the results I’ve seen alongside only one functional class a week.’

Helen Smith

Helen is in her mid-forties and finds getting rid of her ‘post C-section/three kids belly fat’ is only going to get harder as she moves towards menopause. Helen’s New Year’s resolution is to reduce her belly fat alongside having regular EMS functional training.

Helen’s experience:

‘Onnafit is very hard to describe, I just lay flat whilst quite intense contractions of electric pulses were transmitted into my body.  The feeling is much more intense than training with EMS, sort of like lots of tiny needles stimulating your arms, thighs, glutes and stomach.

‘After three sessions of Onnafit, I had to buy new jeans, instead of a 16 I actually bought a 14. I haven’t worn size 14 jeans for about five years.  I feel like my clothes fit me again and I’m not constantly pulling things down over my lumps and bumps.   Ike has taken my personal goals really seriously and I feel that going to the studio is time extremely well spent.  I’ve just compared these before and after photos but in all honestly, I didn’t need to see it – I can feel the difference’

Nikki Pemblington

Nikki started training after having three children over the past nine years. She has never exercised consistently for over 10 years due to being unable to find a gym and exercise routine that she felt comfortable with and enjoyed.

Nikki’s experience:

‘My training with Ike has been an enjoyable experience and I have been pleasantly surprised at how much progress I have made in such a short period. Ike has continuously adapted the difficulty level of the exercises in small increments so that I haven’t felt overwhelmed at any point. He is a very kind and approachable person and genuinely cares about his clients’ fitness journeys.

‘EMS training has proven to be very effective for me. I have noticed weight loss, increased muscle mass and a big improvement in my posture. Since starting the Onnafit program, I have noticed rapid changes. It’s especially effective at muscle toning and I have noticed my clothing feels much looser. Overall, training at NDU Studios has been an extremely positive experience and has benefitted me both physically and mentally.’

For more information about EMS treatments and to book an appointment, visit NDU Studios’ website.

To see more real results, follow the NDU’s Instagram account.

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