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Newcastle dentist warns how clear braces ordered online can damage your teeth

Dr Gulshan Dhanoya from Honour Health is here to put the record straight.

Written by Rachael Nichol
Published 28.02.2023

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We’ve all done it, searched online to find cheaper options to try DIY treatments at home, from hair removal to dying our hair and even teeth whitening products.

But cutting the cost can lead to doing more harm than good.

Recently the latest trend of ordering clear braces or aligners online has boomed, with many of us wanting to get that sought-after straight, perfect Hollywood smile at a fraction of the price.

But Dr Gulshan Dhanoya at Honour Health has warned that these kits can actually do permanent damage. From tooth loss to recession of gums, these are just two of the problems that clear aligners ordered online can cause.

Honour Health is a well-established clinic with sites in Jesmond, Ponteland and Stanley. The team have been providing private dental treatments and creating the ultimate beautiful, natural-looking and perfect smiles for over the past 35 years across the North East. So who better to trust than Honour Health’s dentist – aka the queen of straight smiles – Dr Gulshan Dhanoya?

Dr Dhanoya is here to put the record (and our teeth) straight about the dangers of ordering clear aligners online and how we’ll see better results by paying for professional treatment at a dental clinic.

HLN TOP TIP: Honour Health offers complimentary teeth whitening included in your clear aligner treatment, to put the finishing touches to your transformed smile.

What are clear aligners?

Aligners are made of thin, clear and flexible plastic, which fits closely over the teeth. A series of aligners are changed weekly and are used to move the teeth incrementally. This process gradually straightens the teeth. Aligners must be worn for at least 22 hours per day and should be removed for eating, drinking and for brushing teeth.

How can ordering clear aligners online actually damage our teeth?

It is very important that patients are seen clinically to ensure the safe movement of teeth. If teeth are moved too quickly or not correctly monitored they may become mobile, and in extreme cases, the tooth may be lost. Clinical examination by a dentist is essential to diagnose gum disease or dental decay, which if not picked up by your dentist before starting clear aligner system, can result in gum recession and possible tooth loss. Clinical and radiographic examination to assess the health of the bone around your teeth and root length is a fundamental part of treatment planning, which cannot be done online.

Have you seen first-hand any of your clients with problems from doing this treatment at home?

Patients have seen me after starting online aligner treatments and noticed very few changes or noticed that aligners are not sitting well. These patients have paid the full amount for treatment, and when attempting to contact their online dentist, are failing to make any progress with a newly revised treatment plan. I have also seen patients with inflamed gums, recession and poor oral hygiene using online clear aligner systems, as instructions for use have not been clear. At Honour Health we regularly monitor patients’ oral hygiene and provide Airflow EMS periodontal treatment to all patients undergoing clear aligner treatment.

What is the price range for Invisalign?

Clear aligner treatment ranges from £1500 – £4570. This depends on the length of treatment and how many aligners are required. At Honour Health, we offer a 0% finance option to help spread the cost of clear aligner treatment. Alternatively, we can offer a discount to members of our Honour Health Club.

HLN TOP TIP: Honour Health is holding an Invisalign Open Day at their Jesmond practice on Saturday 15 April from 9am – 1pm. There is an exclusive offer of up to £500 off Invisalign valid for those who attend the event, and there are limited spaces available. DM @honour_health to book a place, quoting ‘invis open day’. 


What do you offer that online services don’t?

  1. Receive an in-person clinical and radiographic examination of bone and tooth from an experienced dentist who will create a tailored plan for your individual needs
  2. Regular monitoring of progress to scan teeth, track movement and check on progress
  3. Coordinated treatment with the hygienist to keep your gums and teeth healthy during treatment
  4. The length of treatment is carefully planned by the dentist to ensure the safe movement of teeth.

How long does it take to see results?

Treatment plans typically range from three months to up to two years. This is dependent on the amount of movement required to align the teeth.


What clear aligner treatments do you offer at Honour Health?

Our dentists in Jesmond, Ponteland and Stanley use state-of-the-art tooth straightening treatment, Invisalign, to align the teeth and broaden the smile. Invisalign is a type of clear aligner system that offers different ‘levels’ of Invisalign depending on the misalignment of the teeth. Invisalign i7 is the shortest treatment, usually to correct minor crowding of one or two teeth or relapsed cases, whereas Invisalign Comprehensive can take up from 29 to 70 weeks, which we recommend for patients with severe crowding or spacing, who require more movement of teeth to align the smile.


If you’d like to book a consultation at Honour Health or to find out more about clear aligner treatment, visit Honour Health’s website.

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