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Wynd Design share some pro tips for nailing these 3 interiors trends

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North East interior designer Christi Anderson of Wynd Design gives us her decorating dos and don’ts for nailing Maximalism, Scandinavian and Japanese interior design.

Have the stars aligned for a home redesign?

Before you go into your redecoration project full wallpaper steamer ahead, paintbrushes blazing, take a moment to decide what your aim is for the final look.

While we’re not firm followers of trends, it’s important to consider what’s hot in the world of interior design to ensure the newly decorated spaces you’ve spent so much time, money and energy on don’t feel old-fashioned, fast.

Which is why we’ve enlisted the help of an expert: Christi Anderson, British Institute of Interior Design associate, North East interior designer and founder of Wynd Design.

‘At Wynd Design, we’re often brought in to take bland, generic homes and make them into something with character and a style that reflects the owners,’ says Christi.

‘Good design isn’t just about creating a beautiful space. It should do that and make your life easier and more enjoyable. But really great design should also make you feel like you belong.

‘Interior design trends are always an inspiration, but at Wynd Design we’re all about trust and authenticity. We work hard to get to know our clients and put a high level of care and detail into designing and implementing projects that work for them.’

Here, Christi breaks down three of the hottest interior design trends 2023 mood boards are filled with: sharing with us her decorating dos and don’ts, what elements are at the heart of each trend, and some budget-friendly ways to spruce up your spaces.


Wynd Design Interior Design North East

Maximalism is having a moment, guys.

And we’re as confused by it as you are. We, too, thought the shaggy rugs, zany wallpaper and floral drapes of old were consigned to our grandparents’ living rooms, but alas – the interior gods have spoken and maximalism is officially one of the hottest interior design trends 2023 has to offer.

What you need to know? Well, that the trick with Maximalist interior design is that more is more. But that’s not necessarily to say more stuff.

‘Post lockdown, people are craving more colour and pattern,’ explains Christi. ‘Neutral colour schemes feel calming and harmonious, but a pop of colour adds depth and interest – and can take a room from ordinary to extraordinary.’

In Maximalist interior design, highly saturated colours combine with layered patterns and textures, hard finishes like wood or marble – to provide relief from the room’s boldness – and perhaps above all, meaningful accessories to bring a real sense of playfulness into the mix.

Words of wisdom from Wynd Design: ‘Investing in quality, neutral furniture and then adding colourful and patterned cushions, artwork and accessories is a good way to get this look for less. This way, you don’t have to fully commit to Maximalist décor, but can still bring some fun, on trend statements into your home to conjure that sense of optimism.

‘Fluting is everywhere right now, and fringe is also making a comeback – we’re seeing it on sofas, curtains, cushions and wall hangings. These nods to grandma-chic are ideal for Maximalist interiors.’

What to remember about Maximalist interior design:

  • Use vibrant, saturated colours
  • Combine bold patterns and textures
  • Hang artworks together, ‘salon style’
  • Display meaningful ornaments


Wynd Design Interior Design North East

Grounded in simplicity and a connection to nature, Japanese interior design styles are flooding the western world.

‘Interiors and colour palettes are moving away from grey towards warmer colours and cosier fabrics,’ Christi says. ‘They feel more liveable and expressive. We’re also seeing an increase in the use of natural materials such as rattan, wicker, jute and woven materials.

‘At Wynd Design, we always bring some greenery into a space, particularly if our clients are inspired by Japanese interior design. It adds life, colour and texture and is the perfect fill-in for flat surfaces on tables and floorspace in corners.’

Like its Scandinavian counterpart, incorporating natural materials and textures is a key element of Japanese interior design. But while the former favours a more rustic, farmhouse vibe, Japanese décor stands out for its sense of polished refinement.

Similarly, while both trends share a love of decluttering, it’s important to display symbolic décor with Japanese interior design – statement artwork, ornaments or houseplants that can really pack a punch against a neutral backdrop.

Words of wisdom from Wynd Design: ‘Warmer wood tones and brass are going strong thanks to this trend and, given they are classics, they never really go out of style. Curved furniture also adds a sense of elegance in this environment.

‘Speaking of elegance, bouclé fabric is currently on trend and adds visual interest and contemporary comfort to any interior, particularly one so grounded in neutrals.’

What to remember about Japanese interior design:

  • Keep colours warm and neutral
  • Incorporate natural materials and textures
  • Declutter and keep furniture simple
  • Bring the outdoors in


Wynd Design Interior Design North East

The old ones really are the best, right?

Scandinavian interior design has been ruling the home décor roost for years now, and with good reason. With an emphasis on liveable minimalism, clean lines and light, open spaces, Scandi interiors are resolutely calm and inviting – and really make you look like you have your life figured out.

‘For a living space, we all love an inviting aesthetic with furniture that’s timeless, comfortable and sociable,’ Christi reasons. ‘What I love about Scandinavian interior design is its celebration of craftsmanship; this trend revolves around functionality and accessibility, as well as aesthetic, and constantly looks for ways to improve our daily lives.

‘If you’re hoping to adopt this trend in your home, think practically about your surfaces: comfortable footstools and tables to place your mugs of tea are a must!’

And for those of you worried that Scandinavian interior design may be a little too minimalist for your reality, relax. For 2023, Scandi styles seem to be leaning more towards a hygge mantra – that is, making homes homelier.

Roughly translating to ‘cosy togetherness’, the hygge thread that runs through modern Scandi designs reminds us that relaxation and comfort is always essential in our homes.

‘At Wynd Design, we use ambient lighting with lamps and wall lights in all our living spaces,’ Christi continues. ‘The soft warm glow of lamplight always creates that cosy, quintessentially hygge feel.’

Words of wisdom from Wynd Design: ‘To nail Scandi-hygge vibes, look to a rug – these always give cushion and warmth to a room, and can be as neutral or as colourful as you want.

‘Just be sure to get one that’s big enough. At a minimum, all front feet of your furniture should sit on the rug. Nothing looks lonelier than a rug that’s too small and overwhelmed by everything else in the space.’  

What to remember about Scandinavian interior design:

  • Lighting is key
  • Minimise accessories and patterns
  • Think light and neutral with pops of warm colour
  • Bring cosiness in with rugs, cushions and throws


While there are times we’d all love to rip everything out and start again in our homes, a full redecoration isn’t always feasible.

As a North East interior designer, this is where Christi’s expertise – and contacts – are invaluable. Which is why we asked her and the Wynd Design team for their top three tips on how to spruce up your interiors on a budget:

  1. ‘A curated coffee table is a great way to add style to your room. Browse your local high street and antiques fairs to grab a bargain. You can continue to add character to a coffee table with new books, sculptures or vases, so it’s the gift that keeps on giving design-wise.’
  2. ‘Paint is often the easiest, most impactful and budget-friendly change you can make to your interiors. Always buy a tester pot, paint a small area and stop to see the colour at different times of the day. At Wynd Design, we’re huge fans of darker, moodier colours in small rooms like cloakrooms and TV snugs – they actually make a small room feel bigger, we promise!’
  3. ‘Curtains are an investment, but gosh do they make a big impact. They bring so much cosiness and comfort to a room. And they’re practical – making your home more energy efficient when closed during those colder nights.’


Wynd Design has been a lifetime in the making for Christi.

Having harboured a passion for interior design since childhood – perhaps, in part, due to the fact she grew up in a family of builders in Nebraska, USA – Christi honed her craft as an interior designer London style: graduating from the prestigious KLC School of Design in Chelsea and working for a high-end residential studio, before realising her dream of having her own business as a North East interior designer.

Based in Wynyard Village, Wynd Design offers full service interior design across the North East and beyond.

‘We’re a full service design studio – which means we bring the ideas and the plan to implement them,’ Christi explains.

‘We offer an organised approach to what can be a chaotic and overwhelming undertaking. We understand your home is your sanctuary. It’s also one of your largest investments. So, creating the best possible space that works for you and your family is of the utmost importance to make the most of that investment.’

Christi and the Wynd Design team can collaborate with you on all aspects of designing and decorating your perfect home – including detailed design and space planning, architectural drawings, lighting, furniture, window treatment, implementation with architects, builders and craftspeople, and those all-important finishing touches.

‘With our huge breadth of experience, we can save you time, money and stress by leading you through the design process step by step,’ says Christi. ‘From creating 3D floorplans to bringing in trusted tradespeople and recommending gorgeous furniture that fits within your budget, we can guide you through the entire process.’

The Wynd Design team are all about providing a friendly, thorough and supportive service from start to finish and can assist you with budgets and project management from concept through to completion.

‘We have an extensive list of suppliers from which we source quality pieces to present you with a range of curated choices,’ Christi says. ‘We work closely with you to keep your budget on track and create a space you absolutely love – one which you can’t wait to show off to family and friends.’

Find out more about Wynd Design and book a consultation by visiting their website

And for oodles of interior design trends and style inspo, follow Wynd Design on Facebook and Instagram.

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