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Sea the Love – the new luxury skincare brand that’s set to make waves

This new sustainable skincare range is filled with healing, natural ingredients from the sea that’ll leave your skin feeling fresh, nourished and radiant.

Written by Rachael Nichol
Published 03.06.2023

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Suffering from skin problems but nothing seems to help? We bring you the newest luxury, sustainable skincare brand.

Inspired by her hometown of Whitley Bay and how the ocean transformed her skin, founder of Sea the Love, Annabelle, came up with the idea to bring the healing power of the sea into skincare.

Sea the Love’s range of vegan-friendly skincare products bursts with ethically sourced, natural ingredients. Each product is filled with two main marine-based actives ingredients -including organic seawater extract that’s been clinically proven to improve the health of the skin – and some of our fave skincare ingredients: hyaluronic acid, niacinamide or avocado oil.

But what makes this new skincare brand fresh off the boat is that it brings messages of positive thinking in a market that promotes unrealistic beauty standards and is suitable for all skin types.

As showcased in their mantra – hear the love, feel the love, sea the love – Sea the Love’s vision is to make your skincare routine the ultimate, indulgent daily moment of self-care that leaves you feeling fabulous on the inside and out.

After only launching in March 2023, Sea the Love has already been making waves and it’s hard not to see why…

HLN TOP TIP: Sea the Love donates 50p from every sale to the Marine Conservation Society

Beachy Clean Melting Cleanser – £28.00

Watch your makeup and impurities melt away without leaving your skin feeling dry. This luxurious gel cleanser is made with marine minerals that enhance your skin’s health, winged kelp which encourages the production of collagen, and grapeseed and blueberry oil that leaves your skin soft, smooth and conditioned.


Seaweed Super Serum – £30.00

Keep dry skin at bay with this super-hydrating seaweed serum. Made with a blend of two unique red seaweeds that enhance skin moisture, restore skin volume and increase skin firmness and science-backed actives such as hyaluronic acid, we can guarntee you’ll see a difference in your skin in no time.


Sleepy Beach Night Cream – £32.00

This deeply nourishing night cream is formulated with green micro-algae which is proven to accelerate skin renewal and repair whilst you sleep offering eight hours of cellular repair in just four hours – increasing firmness, boosting radiance, and reducing wrinkles.


Radiant Marine Day Cream – £35.00

Start your day off right with this energising day cream. This lightweight, hydrating formula is perfect for wearing under makeup and is made with marine minerals, sea fennel, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide that’s proven to help calm redness, reduce water loss, and improve skin texture, leaving you glowing all day long.


To stay up to date with the launch of new products and to continue to follow Annabelle’s journey, follow Sea the Love’s Instagram and TikTok.

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