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House of Zana’s fashion designer reveals her ultimate summer styling tips

Bright, bold and boho – House of Zana's new summer collection really makes a statement.

Written by Rachael Nichol
Published 19.07.2023

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Whether you’re heading to the tropics or are staying put for a summer in the city, it’s officially time to embrace summer fashion with the glorious weather we’ve been having.

Summer 2023 fashion trends are all about vibrant colours, bold prints and having the freedom to have some fun with your looks. And that’s exactly what House of Zana’s new luxury summer collections are all about – but more about that later…

The sustainable Darlington fashion brand specialises in high-quality and handmade kimonos and resort wear. The small, all-female team are passionate about their uniquely designed garments and owner Amber Kotrri successfully took on the world’s largest fashion retailer, ZARA.

When it comes to bringing the summer 2023 fashion trends into our wardrobes it can be hard to know how to style them. Yes, they look fabulous on the catwalk but when we try them on ourselves, they never look the same, right?

Until now… We caught up with fashion designer and House of Zana founder, Amber, who reveals her top summer styling tips and how we can learn to feel confident in bold and colourful prints.

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Colourful and bold prints inspire confidence and create warm positive atmospheres. What I love about these prints is that you can experiment in multiple ways with colour choices and accessories to express your personality. Furthermore, it’s a great way to uplift and emphasis a simple outfit, allowing it to look more unique and stand out in a crowd.



Don’t be scared to stand out in a crowd and inspire others. If you don’t feel confident enough to wear colourful and bold prints outside yet, start at home where you are more comfortable. Even with bold pyjamas and then build up from there. Experiment with different colours and patterns to figure out what you like and what makes you feel confident and uplifted.


I tend to wear matching sets when experimenting with bold colours and prints however when mixing and matching I look at small details within these prints to decide whether I can pair them together.

One detail I focus on, is when garments both share a pigment as this can be used to blend them into one cohesive look. For example, a colourful and bold pair of pants and top may both feature blue which I will focus on and emphasise using accessories. This allows the blue to pop within the entire outfit and become a focal point that ties everything in.



When working with bold pieces there are two ways you can go about accessorising them. You can choose to use more subtle and neutral accessories such as light jewellery and standard coloured bags and shoes. This will help to avoid distracting from the garments and create a more casual everyday outfit.

However, if you want to dress up a bold outfit and highlight the playful tones and prints, I recommend bright and vibrant jewellery. Earrings and rings are great ways to attract more attention to an outfit as you can mix and match many shades and sizes. To create a cohesive flow within the outfit, I would match the jewellery colours to shades featured in the garments.


Floaty dresses – these are essential in everyone’s wardrobe as they can be dressed up or down for many occasions. In summer weather they allow for free movement and usually consist of breathable light fabrics.


Minidresses – this staple piece can be styled in multiple ways and paired with shoes of various lengths. Mini dresses are an extremely popular silhouette due to their flattering shapes and lengths. These are timeless in all seasons as they can be paired with heavier jackets and winter accessories in colder weather or worn alone in warmer weather.


Kimonos – my absolute all-time favourite will always be our kimonos; they are our most versatile piece. You can wear them dressed up or down, to the beach, at home, they literally work for any occasion and add glam to any look. Perfect for those on the go who want an outfit that works for them on more than one occasion and that won’t crease in their bag when travelling.



Fifi Collection 

Let the Fifi Collection lead you through the summer, with beautiful handcrafted mini, midi and maxi dresses in a wonderful array of fabrics and prints. Feel amazing with the ever-so-flattering elasticated ruched waist in each design, as well as adjustable sleeves to really make your Fifi Dress work for you. Whether it be for a wedding, holiday, or the races, whatever the occasion this collection has a piece perfect for you.

Fifi Maxi Dress in Sweet Sorento - £220.00

Find Out More

Coachella Fifi Mini Dress - £85.00

Find Out More

Peaches & Cream Fifi Maxi Dress - £220.00

Find Out More

Rosy Blue Fifi Maxi Dress - £220.00

Find Out More

Alessia Fifi Midi Dress - £85.00

Find Out More

Red Gingham Fifi Mini Dress - £85.00

Find Out More

Zafari Collection

Take a walk on the wild side in this glowing Zafari Collection. Explore eight lovingly handcrafted designs in House of Zana’s latest luxurious Zafari fabric, from dresses to two pieces, to kimonos and bandanas. With reversible fabrics and the ever-changing ways you can adjust each piece, the styling options are endless for these fiercely versatile garments. Head-turning, unique and totally gorgeous, let yourself indulge in the Zafari.

Zafari Quater Sleeve Dress - £140.00

Find Out More

Zafari Two Piece with Shorts & Top of Your Choice - £102.00

Find Out More

Zafari Kimono - £85.00

Find Out More

Zafari Halter Neck Dress - £140.00

Find Out More

Zafari Two Piece with Trousers & Top of Your Choice - £110.00

Find Out More

Zafari Bandana - £22.00

Find Out More

To shop House of Zana’s full collection, visit their website

If you want to stay up to date with new collection launches, follow House of Zana’s Instagram and Facebook page.

House of Zana, 7 Grange Road, Darlington DL1 5NA

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