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What is a diamond model and how is it Dame Allan’s secret to success?

We caught up with Rebecca, Head of Admissions and Communications, to find out how Dame Allan’s Schools education structure is a true gem in building the future.

Written by Rachael Nichol
Published 30.08.2023

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When searching for the right school for your little ones, it’s vital to find the one that will suit them.

With plenty of North East schools offering different learning structures, it can be hard to find one that’s right for your child. But if you’re looking for a child’s education with wellbeing, empowerment and discovery at the forefront then look no further than Dame Allan’s Schools.

Dame Allan’s sees every child as an individual and provides an inspiring learning environment that’ll allow them to find their own route to success, without any limits.

An education at Dame Allan’s is more than just about enabling them to reach their full potential, they’ll always feel part of a family. And the friendly team will be on hand to offer support and guide you both through these important years of your child’s life.

But what makes Dame Allan’s Schools unique is that it’s the only school in the region to follow the diamond model of education, which has proven to be the hidden gem of their pupil’s success.

We caught up with Rebecca, Head of Admissions and Communications, to find out more.


The diamond model of education offers all of the academic benefits of single-sex education, combined with the social benefits of a co-educational environment – it’s very much the best of both worlds! This means that the school can tailor both lessons and pastoral care to meet the needs of our pupils.

Simply put, in our Junior School and Nursery, boys and girls learn together. From Year 7 to Year 11 (from the age of 11 to 16) boys and girls are taught separately but mix socially, and in our Sixth Form, when students begin their A Levels, they all learn and socialise together, getting them ready for a life beyond school.

We’re proud that, at Dame Allan’s, girls and boys can follow their passions without any gender bias and enjoy lessons that are tailored to how they learn differently. We see a great uptake of girls getting invested in STEM subjects, and have boys passionate in the arts – it is wonderful to see.


Here at Dame Allan’s Schools we’re very much about the whole pupil, and by this, we mean:

Our academic success

We exist to provide the best education to all pupils regardless of background and are extremely proud of our academic success. Our pupils are guided to learn in a way that works for them, and supported as much as needed by our fantastic teaching staff. We’re of course very proud of our exam results, but it is also so rewarding seeing pupils develop their passion for new subjects, especially when we see them enter as a Year 7 pupil, ready to soak up all of this new knowledge!

Our co-curricular provision

We recognise that all our pupils are individuals, so there’s something for everyone in the broad range of clubs and societies available. Whether your child loves maths, music, drama, dance or debating, they’ll find a place here. We like to encourage each pupil to take part in at least one co-curricular opportunity. This helps our pupils to develop a range of life skills from time management and teamwork to building resilience and increasing their sense of self-esteem.

Our family ethos

We encourage families to get involved at Dame Allan’s. We’re always on the other end of the phone if they have questions, and have a thriving parents’ association, DASPA. Even after pupils leave education, they are forever an ‘Allanian’, and can benefit from a continuing relationship with the school, and invitations to special events. We’d say never hesitate to pick up the phone and have a chat if you’re curious about anything related to Dame Allan’s, from questions about the admissions process, to general queries about school life, we are more than happy to help.


At the heart of our aims is a concern for each pupil’s welfare and for their positive development as an individual and member of the Dame Allan’s family. Wellbeing is at the heart of our education.

At Dame Allan’s we have a whole school approach to pastoral care, from Nursery through to our Sixth Form. There’s always someone there to lend a listening ear, from our on-site counsellors to dedicated support spaces in schools, with the Snug at the Senior School and the Yurt at the Junior School.

We even have our two adorable therapy dogs, Poppy supporting the Junior School and Heidi (pictured) supporting the Senior School. They are very popular with pupils for offering a listening ear (or paw!). Our Sixth Form students are also trained in listening skills to support younger pupils. As well as this, we also make sure to champion pupil’s voices wherever we can, listening to feedback on everything from our lunch offerings, to how we can become greener as a school.


Embarking on this journey can be a daunting experience for any family, no matter how old the child is, so it’s important that you and your child feel at ease and are given all the information you need to select the school that is right for you both.

Myself and Kate in our admissions team are on hand to support you, and are just a call away to help you and your child through every step of their education journey.  We’re happy to answer as many questions as you have,  about our diamond structure and much more. One of the lovely things about working in admissions is that we get to know the children and families from the very beginning and watch their journey as they progress through Dame Allan’s – leaver’s days can be very emotional.

If you choose to entrust your child to Dame Allan’s, you can be assured that your children will leave the schools as fully well-rounded individuals, with care, concern and respect for others, ready to face the challenges of the wider world, remembering that they will always be a part of the Dame Allan’s family.

To find out more about Dame Allan’s Schools and their admissions process, visit their website and follow them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Dame Allan’s Junior School and Nursery, Hunter’s Road, Spital Tongues, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 4NG

Dame Allan’s Boys’, Girls’ and Sixth Form Schools, Fowberry Crescent, Fenham, Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 9YJ

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