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HLN’s best restaurants in Frankfurt

From cosy coffeehouses-turned-late bars to stylish bistros in the art district, here are the restaurants in Frankfurt every foodie needs to visit.

Lucille Kaffeehaus

Friedberger Landstraße 100, 60316 Frankfurt

The epitome of German efficiency, this cosy bolthole is one of the most relaxing breakfast and lunch restaurants in Frankfurt through the week and, come Thursdays and Fridays, one of its most characterful late bars.

An adjoining record store, Memphis Records, only makes Lucille Kaffeehaus the more intriguing for hungry flaneurs in the city, too.

Generally a quiet space (until the end-of-week beer comes out), small wooden tables and cosy pillows make this an excellent location if you need to catch up on any work while you’re in Frankfurt, whilst little ones and four-legged friends are made to feel most welcome.

And with weekly-changing specials spanning everything from curries to pasta dishes, you’re guaranteed to find something new on every visit here. But what remains forever enjoyable is their homemade bread with avocado, fresh cheese, rocket, chilli and fried egg.


Emma Metzler

Schaumainkai 17, 60594 Frankfurt

If swanky is the name of your preferred dining game, then look no further than Emma Metzler’s. This spacious bistro’s sleek, elegant décor is softened by its colourful artwork on the walls, which also ensures it looks right at home in the heart of the Museum Embankment.

Not that the wall hangings are the only work of art here – the dishes come served like a masterpiece, too. Of all Frankfurt restaurants, Emma Metzler’s has a regional focus and a commitment to using local, seasonal produce, so it’s a great place to try some traditional Frankfurt fare.

If you’re celebrating something special (even if that’s just each other), book a table here in the evening and dine as you look out over the city’s sparkling skyline.



Wallstraße 7, 60594 Frankfurt 

If you’re after authentic Bavarian dining in more relaxed settings, old-school eatery Atschel promises to fulfil your kinda vibe.

Founded in 1849, this beer hall-esque restaurant has a real cosy feel, thanks to the warm glow of the art nouveau ball lamps, the vintage artwork adorning the walls and the traditional Bembel pottery hanging above the bar.

But, as it should be, it’s the food that really seals the deal here. Tuck into hearty local delicacies like grilled pork knuckle with sauerkraut and bread, or the region’s speciality – cold green sauce, or Grüne Soße, made with seven local herbs, yoghurt and sour cream and served with boiled eggs and potatoes – and you know you just couldn’t be anywhere else.


Berger Streetfood

Berge Straße 104, 60316 Frankfurt

Fürstenbergerstraße 168 F, 60323 Frankfurt

We know that we don’t necessarily hear ‘Frankfurt restaurants’ and immediately think of sushi, but if some nigiri is calling your name, then you’ll find the best in the city at Berger Streetfood.

With two outposts in the city – one nestled within the bustling food district, Berge Straße, and the other to the north of the city in Fürstenbergerstraße – you’ve got an extra chance to be in the neighbourhood and indulge.

Don’t be fooled by the name, by the way. Although the fusion sushi creations on offer here are inspired by authentic Japanese street food culture, inside Berger Streetfood you’ll find a smart, stylish Frankfurt restaurant you’ll want to get dressed up for.


Café Maingold

Zeil 1, 60313 Frankfurt

This quaint café tucked on the quiet, eastern end of the busy Zeil promenade is one of the most ideally situated restaurants in Frankfurt for a spot of lunch, especially if you’re laden with shopping bags.

Beneath the green, striped awning and behind the blooming foliage, you’ll discover an eclectic dining space split into individually decorated rooms filled with reclaimed furniture, decorations, and oddities. Or, if the sun is shining, grab a table out on their terrace and, as the sun goes down, eat and drink under the twinkling fairy lights.

You’ll find all your lunchtime classics done to perfection here – fresh salads, pasta dishes, soups – while specials like their homemade pumpkin gnocchi make autumn dining a delight. Or you can simply pop in for a coffee and a sweet treat, like their brownie-in-a-glass.


Upper Berger Straße

Berger Straße, Frankfurt

This is less of a singular restaurant recommendation and more of an entire district all foodies should visit whilst in Frankfurt.

With the best of the city’s café culture all within a couple of blocks, the upper Berge Straße is home to dozens of Frankfurt restaurants, coffee houses, ice cream parlours and bars, all of which offer outdoor seating at the first sign of spring in the air. If your only plan for the day is to eat and drink, we wouldn’t suggest moving.

If you’re a keen cook yourself, the district also hosts a weekly farmers’ market every Wednesdays and Saturdays near the Bornheim Mitte metro station, between the old clock tower and Saalburgstraße, where you can pick up all manner of fresh, local produce.

The upper Berge Straße is as attractive architecturally as it is gastronomically, made up mostly of original half-timber building that date back to the 1600s. When the sun sets, the streets glow with candles and lanterns, making it arguably the most romantic destination in the city.



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