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What the Taurus Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse means for you

All eclipses are a time for change, but the grounding energy of Taurus also promises peace.

Written by Beth Williams
Published 28.10.2023

By Kerry Sweeney

The Full Moon Taurus Lunar Eclipse arrives on Saturday 28th October at 9.24pm. Have you been feeling the energies leading up to this powerful celestial event?



Eclipse energies are very intense and can feel very chaotic, as they bring big change and big transformations. However, this is not to be feared. We must allow anything to fall away which is not meant for us, as this is the universe’s way of bringing you back on your soul’s path.

Taurus is a grounding energy


Taurus is a very beautiful, grounding energy, helping us feel safe and secure.

Along with this earthy energy, this full moon is also asking us to dig down deep into the dirt: to look into our insecurities, into what it is we bury so that we can bring it to the surface, learn and heal.

We are being encouraged to let go of these insecurities and move further towards our North Node, our destiny.


With Mercury and Mars being conjunct in the sign of Scorpio over this full moon, be aware of any fierce or angry spoken words at this time. Instead, try to welcome in the peace and stillness that Taurus energies can bring.

And with the moon (our emotions) and Jupiter (the planet of expansion) being conjunct, emotions may blow up and feelings may be more heightened than usual. But, as this is in Taurus, this will also bring a deep urge for peace, bringing us back to earth and grounding us.

What the Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse means for you - reconnect with nature


If we can do anything over this Full Moon Taurus Lunar Eclipse, try and get out into nature. Connect with the earth and be aware of what is around you – beautiful landscapes, ancient trees – before looking up at the Moon and marvelling at the wonderful sky.

Happy Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!

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