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6 women confess to their most embarrassing Christmas work party moments

We asked our readers to share their cringeworthy Christmas party stories – and we’re not disappointed.

‘Tis the season of office parties. That time of year when an open bar plus work colleagues plus end-of-year burnout – equals a recipe for disaster.

Although Christmas parties aren’t too bad as they do give us the perfect chance to get to know colleagues (maybe too much), to let our hair down and celebrate our year of achievements.

But after too many wines due to awkward convos, trying to kiss your boss and alcohol fuelled shenanigans you’ll instantly regret, it’s safe to say work Christmas parties can leave you not wanting to show your face on Monday morning.

We’ve asked some of our readers to share the most cringe-worthy Christmas party antics that they won’t be forgetting anytime soon.


‘I went over to say hello to a table of 10 colleagues at my Christmas party and was chatting away with my friend. His smile got wider and wider until his wife gave him a nudge to which he responded, ‘Umm, you’ve got something hanging out!’ I was mortified and have never worn a halter neck dress again to this day!’


Night at the loos

We had our Christmas party at a local golf club. After taking advantage of the open bar, we decided to move the evening on to a nightclub. It wasn’t until we got to the nightclub that we noticed that one of our colleagues was missing. We asked around and no one had seen her for the past 40 minutes.

It wasn’t until the next morning, around 10am, that we found out what happened. It turned out she’d gone a bit too hard on the open bar and when she went to the bathroom, decided that a lie down would be a good idea. She passed out on a bench in the bathroom and when the staff were cleaning up for the night, they locked the bathroom doors. So, she was stuck and had to spend the night sleeping in the bathroom until a staff member came the next morning and opened the doors and found her.


Boss bloopers

It was my first Christmas party as an actual lawyer for a huge firm, but I was really new, felt so nervous and was keen not to embarrass myself. It was a free bar and I managed to not get too hammered though my boss did. She got so drunk, she got on the stage and started to try to do a speech where the big dogs told me and another colleague to take her home.

When we managed to get her in a taxi, she ended up being sick all over me. We eventually got into her flat and I had to hold her hair back while she was sick in her bath and pooped herself. We tucked her up in bed and left. The next morning when I got into work she’d moved to an office on a different floor and if I see her again, I’ll die.’


Pain in the arse

One of my employees tried to photocopy his bum but managed to smash the glass in the process. He ended up in the RVI with shards of glass sticking out of his rear end.


Dutch courage carnage

A new girl started on Monday and our Christmas party on Friday. She got incredibly drunk, managed to offend every employee there, flashed everyone around the pool table by crawling under it and proceeded to tell one of the directors how to run the business. She didn’t come back to work on Monday.


Sh*t and giggles

Every year we have a celebration in our office. There was free wine flowing from 5pm, so everyone was mortal. The next morning under the gorgeous, real Christmas tree in the very fancy lobby, reception staff found that someone had done a sh*t.

It’s the biggest mystery of all time in their office, getting under the tree in itself wouldn’t be a gymnastics feat, it was definitely not a dog’s and there were only workers in there. And there are toilets?


Mic drop…

My boss was having an affair with a woman in the office. We knew but many didn’t. Later in the night as she was streaming drunk, she shouted out in the middle of a fairly empty dance floor ‘I’m f*cking ‘Mr. Boss’!’ So many people were shocked. Our Boss made a quick exit and the poor woman goes to cry in the toilets. That was an awkward Monday morning back in the office…

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