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The list that helps you create a life that you leap out of bed to live

We’re more than halfway through our first year of The 101 Club – here’s how it’s impacted our lives.

Written by High Life North
Published 09.12.2023

By Charlie Grabham

Creating a life that you leap out of bed to live – we’re more than halfway through our first year.

If you haven’t heard of The 101 Club yet and want to join our army of dreamers and doers, then head over to The 101 Club to find out more and sign up for our weekly newsletter, or follow us on Instagram.

December marks the nine-month point in the first year of The 101 Club. I use the term first year deliberately as this is a life-spanning project.

So where are we now and what have we learned? First off, a quick rundown for those of you who are new to The 101 Club.


What is The 101 Club?

Back in January, we wrote our ‘bucket’ lists, 101 things we wanted to do, make or become for a more fulfilled life. We kicked the project off in March, to detail the ups and downs of ticking things off. But critically, we also set out to build a community of people who also wanted to do the same.

Why? Because we want people to feel joy, make new connections and help each other to achieve things they never thought possible.

So what have we learned?

Don’t be afraid to look at your dreams

This is the most interesting part for us and the part our community finds the most valuable . I rushed to scribble my list down, did 118 and had to cut it down (standard approach to everything in my life). Laura was more considered and spent a lot of time thinking about it, curating a beautiful list of wonderful things – that will be her editor genes.

Three really interesting things have come out of this process:

  1. We got a really good insight into each other on a much deeper level (or at least our conversations got deeper more quickly).
  2. There are loads of things we forgot to add- but that’s the beauty of this project, it’s not finite, so the world is literally our oyster.
  3. The best bit has been reading other people’s lists for inspiration. As I said to a friend the other day, The 101 list is like a little slice of someone’s universe.

Ready to make a start? It’s easy – check out my list for inspiration.

If you want to hear more about why we ended up starting this project, then you can listen to our podcast which discuss our lists and we interview other people about theirs.

Look back to see how far you’ve come

We measured our life balance using our spidergraph. Why? So that we could measure what effect this project has and will continue to have on us. Our results are interesting- this project is literally changing our lives.

Some things will be better than expected – and some won’t

As two people who have ideas for a living, we just went with it. Things started to happen- and some didn’t.

I ticked off a really simple one first – get a flamingo for my garden (not a real one). I had coveted a flamingo decoy in Bagnall and Kirkwood on Grey Street for years and never bought it.

When we went to purchase one, the guy told us that they sold them by the pallet load every week to stags and hens! The little dusty flamingo in that window was a decoy in every sense! But it was the best £30 I have ever spent because the satisfaction of waiting – and the fact he’s now The 101 Club mascot has been worth it.

One of my other items was to get a dress (from my fashion business) on the red carpet. This was a good one that I never thought I would achieve – until I messaged my lovely friend Lottie (who it turns out had got a job as a celeb reporter)  and she took one of my dresses down not the red but the green carpet at the opening of the BBC Earth Experience – better than I could have imagined!

Since then, things have got a little more complicated – building an eco-home, making £1million and setting up a stage school for older people might take some time. But if you know anyone who can help…

Laura decided to become a model for a life drawing class – something she ended up loving! Her public speaking engagement, not so much. But at least it made her put to bed something that she thought she ‘should’ be doing for a while.

The take away? You either win or you learn.

There was unexpected icing on the cake

The best bit about this project has been building a community. The people we have met, the lists we have read and the conversations we have had have been amazing. And there are some incredible women out there daring to dream (and doing it), including our youngest 101-er who is just 7 years old.

They say that if you want to go quickly, go alone and if you want to go far, go together. This is a life-spanning project, so if you’re ready for a life less ordinary, visit The 101 Club website for more information, and inspiration and to sign up to our weekly newsletter.

Need some list-spiration? Here are some of the wonderful things people have already ticked off!

  • Do the Wild Western Way in Ireland
  • Drink Limoncello in Sorrento
  • Go back to New York
  • Go to a festival as a family
  • Dance in the rain
  • Go for a sunrise swim
  • Start a podcast
  • See an Elvis tribute
  • Pose naked for a life drawing class
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