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Where fitness meets fun: Inside Newcastle’s first state-of-the-art spin studio

Plus, Tribal Cycle is offering our readers a free session – here’s how to sign up.

Written by Rachael Nichol
Published 06.01.2024

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Ready to ditch the dull treadmill grind? Embrace the fitness revolution at Tribal Cycle.

Nestled in the heart of Jesmond within Northumberland Tennis Club, Tribal Cycle is Newcastle’s first purpose-built spin studio that brings a unique indoor cycling experience that makes fitness fun and invigorating.

Inspired by high-end spin studios worldwide, Gary created a space that Newcastle was missing – with top-notch sound, state-of-the-art bikes, and a disco vibe. Not forgetting the group of inspired instructors ready to get you on your bike.

Say goodbye to uninspiring gym spin sessions – Tribal Cycle is your disco-inspired ticket to a vibrant fitness journey in 2024. Grab your bike and let’s ride…

HLN TOP TIP: To help you get started Tribal Cycle is kindly offering our readers by quoting ‘HLNFREE’ when booking a one-off drop-in session on their  website.


Riding with Tribal Cycle is a journey for everyone, whether you’re a newbie or a pro. The spin sessions are crafted to engage and uplift all riders, leaving them with a proud grin and a sense of accomplishment.

Picture this: top-notch bikes, immersive VR journeys, a pumping sound system, and party lights setting the vibe.

Each session is a fresh adventure, thanks to Tribal Cycle’s diverse and skilled instructors with unique styles. Whether you groove to the rhythm or focus on power and calorie burn, the Tribal team has you covered.

But what makes Tribal unique? It’s not just a spin studio; it’s a growing tribe, a community that thrives week after week ready to support you on your fitness journey.


Tribal Cycle Jesmond

Early Rise Tribe

Join the early-rise tribe and conquer your workout before the world wakes up. Nothing beats the satisfaction of breaking a sweat early. Working out early will kick start your day and there’s no excuse not to work out before work.

Tribal Cycle Jesmond

Tribe 45

Level up your lunch break by cycling intensely for 30 minutes, tackling varying resistance levels and finishing with a heart-pounding 4-minute Tabata. Then, dive into a brief yet potent 12-minute strength session. This 45-minute workout elevates your heart rate and maximises calorie burn.

Tribal Cycle Jesmond

Vibe Tribe

Dive into the groove with the beats blasting – it’s all about the music in this session. Whether it’s a Beyonce blend or a Timberlake set, expect the perfect mix to fuel your energy. Calling all disco divas and dancing queens, this is your ultimate destination for music-fuelled fitness fun.

Tribal Cycle Jesmond

Party Tribe

Think Hacienda meets Ministry of Sound and all the good vibes you love about tunes. With the sound system cranked up, the room is pumped into party mode. Your high-energy moves will send endorphins skyrocketing for a legal high. Let the good times roll.

Tribal Cycle Jesmond

Spin Mums Club

Tribal Cycle gets the chaos of motherhood. Led by Claire, a mum of three, these sessions cater to your pace. Groove to tunes and disco lights while keeping your little one stimulated at a comfortable volume. Full baby facilities and the flexibility to tend to your baby’s needs make this a win.

HLN TOP TIP: For mums 8 weeks + postpartum (natural) or 12 weeks + via C-section. Bring your baby in a pram or car seat (no crawlers) –  speak with your health visitor.

Tribal Cycle Jesmond

Ride 90

Step into a world of heart-pounding cardio and electrifying beats at this 90-minute high-intensity session. Brace yourself for a challenging journey that tests both body and mind, blending endurance rides, intervals, and hill climbs. With a killer playlist, expect full-body engagement targeting legs, core, and cardiovascular fitness.


‘It’s an amazing and high-end facility with top-notch equipment and superb quality in everything they offer. The fun and exciting atmosphere makes the workout so rewarding. It’s definitely worth the investment for those seeking a quality fitness experience. It’s lovely to be in an environment that isn’t jampacked’ – Natalie

‘As far as spin studios go, Tribal Cycle is one of the best I’ve seen. If you haven’t caught the spinning bug yet, you probably will here. Whether you’re going along for fun, to suffer, or even if you’re a stats nerd, you won’t be disappointed.’ – Anth

‘I can’t think of a better combo. Awesome music. Nightclub lights and high intensity workout = totally awesome. Love it. And it makes your mind and body feel amazing. There’s no better way to train after a hard day in the office.– Jo Jo

If you have any questions, drop Tribal Cycle an email here: [email protected]

Tribal Cycle Studio, Northumberland Tennis Club, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 3JU

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