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Could manifestation help you achieve your 2024 goals?

January can often feel like a time for new ambitions, routines and habits. But our wellness columnist, Hannah Bullimore, explores whether a more mindful approach to our ambitions could help us manifest our dream year.

Written by High Life North
Published 10.01.2024

By Hannah Bullimore



That buzz word you’ve probably seen all over Instagram, if you’ve ever looked up yoga or meditation. Manifestation is big news in the wellness community.

However, it’s also pretty hard to pin down because there are many different variations.

One of the earliest explanations of manifestation works with vibrations. Originating from Esther Hicks in her book The Law of Attraction, the concept focuses on high and low vibrations which are meant to attract each other.

Something that is good for us is high vibrational and, therefore, we have to raise our vibration to bring goodness to us. Whenever someone says: ‘this vibe is so good’ or ‘they have such a good vibe’, they’re referring to this manifestation idea – whether the person knows it or not.

This concept relies on the idea that within the universe everything vibrates and that we can control our own vibration: whether by the foods we eat, the thoughts we think or the people we spend our time with.

Now, a less extreme version of manifestation is believing that we have some power over what happens to us and seeking to use mindfulness and self-awareness to harness this.

Techniques to guide manifestation could include meditation, visualisation (more on that coming up in my next column), yoga to release negativity from the body and simply acting as if.


I first heard this idea from Yoga Instructor, Youtuber and Podcaster, Shayla Quinn. When talking about manifesting her move to New York, she explained that long before the move was possible, she began to act as if it was definitely going to happen: researching where she would live, looking at apartments, getting to know people and yoga studios in the area.

It’s a simple but very practical way to manifest a change in your life. Because if we don’t start to make small changes toward what we want, we will never get the thing we are trying to manifest towards.


About a year ago, I wanted and was ready to meet a partner. I was very much off dating at the time, but began to think about acting as if I was going to meet the man of my dreams.

I began to date. I began to think carefully about whether each person was someone I could spend forever with. I began to think about a career change that would give me more time to spend with that person and our possible future family. I thought about moving house and what things I would like in my home. I talked with friends and family about my plans and what this new person was going to be like.

And guess what? I found the love of my life and a job that has an amazing work-life balance. Not bad for simply starting to behave as though it was going to happen.

Aside from my behaviour, my mood and thoughts shifted too.

Every time I would see someone in a happy relationship, I wouldn’t feel sad for myself – I’d feel happy for them and imagine myself posting those cheesy couple photos on social media, too. When hearing about loved ones starting families and getting engaged, I would look forward to the event and imagine having my own SO by my side to attend those weddings and welcome the new babies. And now I have.

It might sound too simple, but I would say that acting as if is one of the most practical ways to begin manifesting for yourself in 2024. So, why not give it a shot – there really is nothing to lose!


Anyone who knows astrology knows that there are certain times where we can manifest the things we want more easily.

A local yoga teacher whose workshops are often focused around manifestation and who has taught me a lot about manifestation is Louise Stott of Studio by YOTN.

Louise taught me the power of the moon cycle and I began manifesting my dream life during her workshops. As well as attending a workshop with Louise, I also read and listened to learn more about using astrology to manifest my dream life.

I read Jordanna Levin’s books when first learning about manifestation. Her books break down manifestation in a way that is very accessible and entertaining. Next, I discovered her podcast: Lunar Lover. Each week, Jordanna explains upcoming astrological events and helps listeners to harness the power of the planets in their own life.

In her latest episode on the upcoming astrology of 2024, she explained some major dates in the manifesting year ahead.

  • 2024’s themes of change

Jordanna explained that in 2024 there are two major themes for change: technology and relationships. Both of these themes are following on from last year, so you might already have seen change in your own life round these two themes.

  • January – March: a time for healing

While it is difficult to explain to a complete beginner (and therefore I’d definitely recommend the podcast), the North Node and Ciron will come together in Aries in April. They are both already in Aries but, from January to April, they will move closer together. We will feel this as a collective throughout the first three months and the lesson they will bring collectively is a healing energy. Personally, we might feel wounds highlighted so that we know how to heal them.

  • March – May: a windfall in tech

In March and May of this year, Jupiter in conjunction with Uranus will be in the sign of Taurus. This is a rare movement which can mean financial abundance relating to technology. If you are looking to manifest financial abundance, perhaps relating to a technological side hustle, this could be your moment!

  • 26th May: the perfect time to manifest

Finally, the 26th of May is a great time to manifest as Jupiter moves into Gemini, which will bring luck and abundance and expand our Gemini energy.

Now, you don’t have to be a Gemini to have Gemini energy, as our star sign is one tiny part of our whole birth chart. What this means for all of us is more energetic communication, creativity and the ability to move between multiple projects.


If you’re an astrological newbie, you might be wondering how on earth you can use this information to manifest for yourself – after all, we’re pretty tiny compared to those planets which are so far away.

However, using astrology to boost your manifestation practice can be simplified. Perhaps begin with a new moon and simply sit in meditation for a few minutes, focusing on the breath at first to quieten your trail of thought.

Then, begin to visualise what you are hoping will arise with this new moon. From there, imagine how you will feel if you receive the thing you are hoping for. Then, feel gratitude for the thing you are manifesting. Feeling as though you have already manifested what you are hoping for.

As you come out of the meditation, hold that feeling of having successfully manifested what you are hoping for. Try to keep that with you until the next new moon.

But you’re not done yet. Using the energy you have just created, make a practical list of steps to help you move towards what you are manifesting. How will you act as if in the month to come?

After all, without action, manifestation is meaningless.

While you could repeat this with each new moon, you could also use it alongside the astrological dates above and use the themes mentioned to focus your manifestation practice.



Whatever you’re trying to manifest in 2024, remember: be kind to yourself, be patient with the universe and make sure you are taking practical steps to achieve the life you’re dreaming of.

Good luck!

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