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What vitamins should I take? A Newcastle healthcare expert reveals all

With over 20 years of experience, The Bespoke Clinic founder, Dr Neetika Dang, shares her personalised guide that gets to the root cause of your health concerns.

Written by Rachael Nichol
Published 13.01.2024

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Are you feeling the winter blues? Whether your immune system needs a boost or you’re suffering from seasonal affective disorder, The Bespoke Clinic is here to your rescue.

Embark on a journey to optimal health in 2024 with The Bespoke Clinic, Newcastle’s new hub for personalised healthcare.

In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, The Bespoke Clinic is a breath of fresh air. Nestled in the heart of Jesmond, this newly opened clinic is already leading the way with its unique approach that goes beyond traditional medicine.

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Founded by Dr Neetika Dang – a qualified doctor with over 20 years of experience working within general practice, women’s health, occupational health and education – she takes a holistic approach, considering both physical and psychological aspects of health.

What vitamins should I take?

Dr Neet is all about getting to the root causes of health issues and championing preventative measures. It’s a new healthcare era focused on longevity and overall wellbeing. The Bespoke Clinic redefines healthcare in Newcastle with Dr Neet’s vision for personalised, preventative and comprehensive wellness taking centre stage – putting you and your unique needs at the heart of every treatment.

Although working in medicine for over two decades, Dr Neet is passionate about making a change in the healthcare industry to try and reduce the amount of medication we’re taking or even better, prevent the need for medication in the future to lead better and healthier lives.

Whether you’re struggling with your menopause symptoms, exploring functional medicine, or seeking guidance on vitamins and supplements, The Bespoke Clinic is your partner in optimising your new health journey.

We caught up with Dr Neet to get the lowdown on how vitamins and supplements can transform your life.


Turns out, despite our best efforts, the nutritional value of our food might be taking a hit from factors like pesticides and genetically modified foods. Dr Neet stresses that our body’s pathways need essential vitamins and minerals to function at their best.

To bridge that nutritional gap, The Bespoke Clinic creates personalised treatment plans with carefully selected, high-quality supplements tailored to your individual needs.

Dr Neet warns against those cheaper options from the high street, emphasising the importance of therapeutic doses and the right forms and quality of vitamins and nutrition that your body will actually use and absorb.



What vitamins should I take?

A multivitamin – everyone should be on a high-quality multivitamin which has the right ingredients and is ‘bioavailable’. Dr Neet says, ‘an easy way to pick one from the high street is to start with the ingredient list: if there are items in there that sound like chemicals or fillers or you just don’t understand, put it back and try another brand’.

Vitamin D3 – studies have shown that over 50% of the UK population is vitamin D deficient and adding this easy-to-access vitamin to your daily routine can reduce your risk of flu by more than the flu vaccine. Dr Neet advises testing to get a good baseline idea first but if not, then at least take 1000-2000 iu a day. This dose can be reduced in the summer and increased in the winter. Tests are available through your GP especially if you have any symptoms or you can get them done at The Bespoke Clinic.

What vitamins should I take?

Fish 0il – Some studies say 90% of our population is deficient in Omega 3 but if we get our Omega 3 intakes right, then we can reduce inflammation, improve our immune system, and extend our lifespan. However, this is about having the right Omega 3 – look for DHA and EPA at the right doses from companies who extract this in a way which is clean and pure

Dr Neet adds that studies have shown that even if we eat three portions of oily fish a week, or even daily, we still don’t get the doses needed to reduce disease. We need essential fatty acids for our brain and so many other functions in our body. Dr Neet takes Bare Biology Omega 3 as it is a UK-based company with great doses at a reasonable price point.


Ready to take control of your health journey? The Bespoke Clinic offers comprehensive functional medicine consultations that will make a real impact on your wellbeing. It all starts with a detailed pre-questionnaire, followed by in-depth, one-on-one sessions to understand your health goals and concerns.

But how does it work? The Bespoke Clinic can do a range of tests  from blood, saliva, urine to DNA. Armed with this individualised data, Dr Neet guides you on specific nutrients, supplements and vitamins to optimise your health. And don’t worry, most of the recommended supplements and vitamins are vegan-friendly because accessibility matters.

At the Bespoke Clinic, you’ll feel empowered by choosing from a tailored regime presented in an online basket. If other aspects of care are required, such as hormone rebalancing, The Bespoke Clinic is CQC registered and can prescribe items in a personalised way.

And the commitment doesn’t end there. Once you have tried your regime for 4-12 weeks, The Bespoke Clinic will ensure thorough review appointments, to make sure things are working for you the way you would like.

The Bespoke Clinic believes you should control your health journey, and they’re here to support you every step of the way.


What we love is that The Bespoke Clinic achieves real results.

Dr Neet has helped transform a range of clients’ lives including a woman in her forties who found relief from hormonal imbalances through tailored supplements and lifestyle changes. Alongside another female client in her thirties overcoming acne and rosacea by addressing gut health with specific supplements, showcasing the clinic’s holistic approach to wellness.

The Bespoke Clinic Jesmond

Ready to kickstart your wellness journey? Head to The Bespoke Clinic’s website and book your consultation today. If you’re pushed for time, you can even book a video consultation as Dr Neet recognises that health checks should easily fit into your busy lifestyle.

Your health adventure awaits – let’s make 2024 your year of wellbeing.

To stay up to date with new treatments, offers and ways to focus on your health, visit The Bespoke Clinic’s Instagram account and Facebook page.

51 Osborne Road, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 2AH

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