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Your February 2024 HLN Horoscopes

Our new monthly horoscopes with Marianne, the Yogi-Astrologer.

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Has life seemed a little unpredictable this decade? Well, we are in the midst of a transition between eras.

Collectively, we finally have one foot firmly in the new world, but while the winds of change are still blowing, this February is the perfect time to re-enforce the foundations of your most important relationship: the one you have with yourself.

Tend to that relationship for the first half of the month, and expect some clarity to arrive in the week leading up to the 29th.

Find some tips below for how best to align with this month’s astrological energy depending on your rising sign(aka Ascendant). If you don’t know what your rising sign is, you can look it up here.

Capricorn Rising

Focus some energy on your physical appearance. Makeup, hair or nails would be a great place to start, and the ideal time is 14th-16th. Don’t be afraid to don a style that isn’t typically ‘you’. Maybe that’s radical, maybe it’s traditional; the important thing is that you choose something that aligns with your unique preferences. Looking for inspiration? These nail salons offer something for every vibe. Venus is on your side this month, so experiment. For insight on how to plan your life for the next few months, chat with siblings and cousins around the 28th.

Sagittarius Rising

What’s your relationship to your personal belongings? This month (particularly around 4th-7th) spend some time evaluating how much stuff you have – and how it makes you feel. Don’t restrict yourself – this is absolutely a time toenjoy gorgeous things, but if there’s a special night out on the cards, consider renting your outfit! Arrange a date with a sister or a cousin on the 22nd, taking that opportunity to wear your favourite clothes, and if you are keen to de-clutter, re-organise, or re-design your home. The last week of the month will give you the inspired solutions you need.

Scorpio Rising

Seek out the joy and beauty of your local communities. Venus is infusing your talking skills with her charm, so this could be the month for you to spark new relationships. Whether with friends or lovers, you are set to make authentic connections. This energy will flow especially well between the 9th-11th, but don’t stress about the details, find events that call to your genuine interests. Check out the events listings of this dating agency for new ways to connect with locals, but wherever you get out and about, let the focus be on developing your conversation style. Make use of this at the end of the month when you might be inspired to express yourself creatively.

Libra Rising

Does your home reflect your personal values? Spend time exploring this question, and consider restructuring your spaces to gain more harmony, or adding some intentional artwork. Maybe that’s something that celebrates local, female artists, or whatever else reminds you of what you care about and what you find truly beautiful. Invest in your home and your emotions at the start of the month, as towards the end your focus will begin to get pulled to far away lands and to romantic relationships or creative work. This is all about nurturing your heart and your roots to support the busy months ahead.

Virgo Rising

February brings all the luck for you in romance and creativity. Spend time making art – maybe even with your partner. There is definitely potential to spark or fan the flames of love this month, but let your focus be on enjoying self-expression; that’s what will fuel all of your relationships. If you fancy some group energy, or learning a new skill, you’ll find organisations who offer arts and crafts events in this article. Experiment with creative activities at the start of the month, and in the last week, figure out ways to integrate your favourites into your everyday routines.

Leo Rising

Your day-to-day life and especially your work environments are in the spotlight in February. How can you elevate or bring your personal style into your everyday activities? Maybe buy something beautiful to place on your desk or a piece of practical-but-special clothing that really makes you feel your best. For those of you who work from home, why not try out an inspirational co-working space? Around 22nd February, sparks will fly in your romantic life – you might even want to work on Valentine’s night and celebrate love the week after. Use the very end of the month to look at your taxes and contracts – you could notice something important.

Cancer Rising

Your relationships are highlighted this month. Use conversations and 1-1 activities to learn more about your values and your needs. This is your excuse to invite partners, close friends, or colleagues out for a coffee or a bite to eat. The North East offers a huge range of delicious options, try somewhere new. The change in environment might help you to notice your patterns: Where do you lose a sense of yourself in relationship with others? Practice asking for what you want, especially in the run up to Valentine’s Day, and you are set to find deeper connections at the end of the month.

Gemini Rising

This is your month of soul searching, of looking honestly at your relationship to money; do you have enough time and energy to give yourself what you need in order to thrive in this world? If you can ask the question from an attitude of love rather than fear, then you’ll be on the right track. With the inspired energy of the first week of Feb, and maybe an inspirational story or two, explore ways you could share resources and responsibilities with others. Choose partners who align with your values – collaboration is key for you to create the abundance you desire. You are set to have a revelation regarding your vocation at the end of February, so use the month to clarify what you truly value in this life.

Taurus Rising

Allow your horizons to expand this February. Feeding your imagination and learning new things about the worldwill really help you to find the right things for you to focus on in the coming months. Explore foreign cultures and give yourself the headspace to discover the ideas that give you goosebumps. This is a great time for overseas travel or – even better – to take advantage of some of the North East’s fantastic museums, maybe this is the perfect place to start. At the very least, this will give you something to chat about in the last week of the month, when you are encouraged to do a little networking: your professional community is where you might gain the inspiration you need to enhance your life for the rest of the year.

Aries Rising

You might be caring what other people think of you a little more than usual. Lean into the vulnerability and share moreof yourself with the world. Your public image is blessed with Venus’ charm in the first half of February. Maybe share your work story with friends and family, or on socials, or find a way of expressing your unique style in how you dress for work. A lot of us are a little afraid to be seen – resist that fear and see who you inspire! At the end of the month, make some quality time for self-reflection – you are set to notice a previously unconscious pattern.

Pisces Rising

Are you dreaming of growing your friendships? The astrology of this month will motivate you to socialise, network and find those groups that allow you to shine from the inside out. You are allowed to be picky about who you spend your time with, and if you can get clearer on your personal interests and aspirations, you can find your ideal tribe. Browse the events calendar to find activities that spark your interest. On the 28th, notice how you’ve been talking to yourself about your appearance. Commit to giving that inside-voice a kinder tone.

Aquarius Rising

The first half of February is all about creating comfort and beauty in your internal world and your private spaces. Spend time alone. Enjoy your own company. Focus on activities which help you to reflect on what you love, how you feel, what you think, and what you need. This valentines day, why not browse some local indie shops and buy yourself the gift of a quality notebook to help you indulge in this process. By the last week of the month, you are set to fall in love with yourself a little more. Make the most of that self-confidence and commit to a new physical self-care activity for the coming months – you deserve it.


Marianne offers group and 1-1 sessions in Yoga, Astrology and a unique hybrid called Embodied Astrology in the North East and online. Find her @theyogiastrolger on Instagram.

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