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Happy Chinese New Year 2024! Here’s what the Year of the Wood Dragon means for you…

2024 is the year that the good fortune of the Wood Dragon is going to be sprinkled on us all. But what’s in store for your animal sign?


Chinese New Year – also called Lunar New Year – is an annual festival celebrated in China and Chinese communities around the world. This year Chinese New Year 2024 falls on Saturday 10th February and will culminate with the famous Lantern Festival on February 24th.


First things first – it’s good news. The mythical dragon is esteemed in Chinese Zodiac, showering success and good fortune on those born in its years. And this year, we all get a piece of the action.

You’ll have seen the dragon making appearances at festivals around the world as it’s believed to spread good luck – with only one caveat. The dragon is a noble beast and will only shower good fortune on those who deserve it.


The Chinese Zodiac is made up of 12 different animals and each year is associated with one of them, rotating through the 12 on a continuing cycle. According to Asian astrology, the year of your birth – and the animal that year represents – says a lot about your personality traits and what kind of life you will lead.

Remember though, all you January birthdays – a ‘year’ is defined by the Chinese astrological chart, not a Gregorian calendar, so you’ll have to check the exact dates of your specific birth ‘year’.

If you’re a… Rat

What’s in store: Quick-witted wandering

Prepare for a year of exploration and adventure. The Wood Dragon’s energy encourages you to embrace change and seek new horizons. Opportunities for personal and professional growth are on the horizon, so pack your bags and embark on exciting journeys.

If you’re an… Ox

What’s in store: Steadfast success

For the diligent Ox, 2024 brings tangible rewards for your hard work. The Wood Dragon’s influence amplifies your determination, paving the way for success. Whether in career or relationships, expect significant strides and the recognition you deserve.

If you’re a… Tiger

What’s in store: Roaring creativity

A surge of creative energy sweeps through the lives of Tigers in the Year of the Wood Dragon. Express your artistic flair, indulge in passion projects, and watch as your innovative ideas take flight. This year is your canvas – paint your dreams boldly.

If you’re a… Rabbit

What’s in store: Serene harmony

Harmony graces the lives of Rabbits in 2024. The Wood Dragon’s calming influence encourages balance and peace. Focus on nurturing relationships, both personal and professional, and relish the tranquillity that surrounds you.

If you’re a… Dragon

What’s in store: Majestic transformation

This year marks a profound period of transformation for Dragons. Embrace the opportunity to shed old habits and soar to new heights. The Wood Dragon empowers you to reinvent yourself, unleashing the full extent of your potential.

If you’re a… Snake

What’s in store: Wisdom unveiled

Wisdom flows abundantly for Snakes in the Year of the Wood Dragon. Trust your instincts and delve into intellectual pursuits. Your keen perception and analytical skills are your greatest assets, guiding you towards insightful decisions.

If you’re a… Horse

What’s in store: Galloping prosperity

For the spirited Horse, fortune smiles in 2024. The Wood Dragon ushers in a period of financial prosperity and career advancement. Seize the reins of opportunity and charge ahead fearlessly, as success awaits at every turn.

If you’re a… Goat

What’s in store: Blossoming connections

Social butterflies, rejoice. The Wood Dragon fosters vibrant connections and flourishing relationships for Goats. Embrace the joy of camaraderie, and let your infectious positivity create a tapestry of meaningful connections throughout the year.

If you’re a… Monkey

What’s in store: Clever ventures

The clever and resourceful Monkey thrives in the Year of the Wood Dragon. Your sharp intellect and adaptability lead to exciting ventures and accomplishments. Embrace change, stay nimble, and watch as your endeavours unfold easily.

If you’re a… Rooster

What’s in store: Radiant renewal

Radiance envelops Roosters as the Wood Dragon’s energy sparks a renewal in various aspects of life. Revitalize your surroundings, pursue personal growth, and let your vibrant energy inspire those around you.

If you’re a… Dog

What’s in store: Loyal triumph

Loyalty is rewarded for Dogs in 2024. The Wood Dragon’s influence strengthens your commitments and fosters loyalty from others. Whether in love, friendship, or work, your steadfastness prevails, leading to enduring triumphs.

If you’re a… Pig

What’s in store: Abundant harvest

The Year of the Wood Dragon heralds a season of abundance for Pigs. Plant the seeds of your aspirations and watch them blossom into fruitful achievements. Embrace the bountiful rewards that come your way with gratitude and joy.

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