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HLN Horoscopes – what’s written in the stars for you this April 2024

As one of the wildest months of 2024, the astrological advice for April is essentially to get outside and/or move your body, as much as possible.

When April starts we are already deep into a busy Aries season. Spring has kicked off with eclipses and a Mercury retrograde – the astrological themes are dynamic to say the least.

While it’s a fab time to set intentions, think about your long term goals and enjoy the sparks of motivation, don’t expect your plans to take form yet. We’re in for some twists, turns, edits and reviews – it’s one of those time periods when life is unpredictable, which means the possibilities and opportunities to make life better are opening right up.

Whether you find this stressful or exciting, one of the best ways to deal with this Aries extravaganza is physical exercise. I wouldn’t apply rules or agenda to this, Aries is all about personal inspiration. So, just do what lights your fire: dance, sports, weight training, a simple stroll on the beach – anything you can to shake the dust and shift the tension.

This will stand you in the graceful stead needed to ride the waves of this year’s biggest astrological event, which arrives early on 21st April. Just as the sun enters Taurus, two huge characters of our solar system come together in their approximately 13-yearly conjunction. When Jupiter and Uranus meet, we expect big changes on a personal and collective level, and this time round the themes are focussed on money, food and the natural environment. It is a fascinating coincidence that this is happening so close to International Earth Day!

All that in mind, you’ll find suggestions below for ways to connect with nature during this vibrant time. These are based on your rising sign, because that’s how we know what area of your life is influenced by Taurus. If you don’t know your rising sign, you can look it up here.

Taurus Rising

Taurus was the zodiac sign on the horizon at the moment you were born, setting the tone for your self identity. This spring, try to watch a sunrise or two, it could be the perfect opportunity for you to reflect on your relationship to the Earth, and set the tone for the day ahead. Discover HLN’s best recommendations for places to watch the sunrise in the North East.

Aries Rising

For you, this month might place a lot of focus on money. So many of us feel that we don’t have enough – can you resist the fear and find ways to celebrate the Earth’s riches? Explore local parks and discover the abundance and beauty of nature. If you are looking for something a bit deeper, check out this fascinating Introduction to Earth Stars at Gosforth Nature Reserve on 14th April.

Pisces Rising

When astrological events happen in Taurus, themes of community and communication are activated for you. This spring, maybe attend some local events which focus on bringing people together to share and chat. Something like this community picnic on Earth Day could be just the ticket to help you expand your horizons.

Aquarius Rising

For you, this month is all about your home and foundations. Where you live, or your family relationships might be in for a re-fresh. Get outside with relatives or housemates and enjoy some beautiful scenery together. Focus a little on how these people support you, and how you support them – what works, what doesn’t, how can you make it better? For destination inspiration, here’s HLN’s best recommendations for scenic picnic spots in the North East.

Capricorn Rising

Experimentation and joy are the key words for you this month. Find ways to get your thinking outside of its boxes, change your perspective and see how you could change your life for the better. Better yet, get your mind out the equation once in a while, and just play. If you fancy going big, our region is home to the world’s largest play sculpture! Check out HLN’s review of Lilidorei in Alnwick – yes it’s for adults too.

Sagittarius Rising

In April, your routines and habits are up for review, so be open to change. Spending time with animals could be your gateway to cruising through the stresses of life this month. Notice how our furry friends move, how they interact, how they enjoy the elements. If you don’t have your own pets, HLN recently did a roundup of local attractions involving animals – check it out here.

Scorpio Rising

Taurus influences your one-to-one relationships and committed partnerships. Whether plutonic, romantic or professional, be open to transformation in this area of life. Be proactive, maybe planning some one-to-one get togethers at outdoor venues. Our region has so many to choose from, The Flamingo Bar & Cafe is just one option, with just the right refreshing seaside vibes.

Libra Rising

This month might stir up some deep emotions for you. It’s good to get unstuck, so welcome it! If a therapeutic detox is in order, try Steam & Salt Sauna on the beach. Treat your body to the sensational combo of soothing heat and exhilarating sea-dips, to help release what no longer serves you. A massage, an indulgent long bath or a long walk by the river could be just as good, make time for something similar.

Virgo Rising

Now is the time to get out of your comfort zone. There is much outdoor adventure to be found on our doorstep, here are a few suggestions. If that feels a little too intense, then books and podcasts could be just as good. Choose something alien to you, learn something new, and enjoy it outdoors!

Leo Rising

Change and transformation is needed in your career or public image, and it’s likely to involve your body or nature in some way. Whatever field you work in, how could you inspire an interest in wellness there? Take your teammates on an out of hours adventure, invite a colleague for a walking meeting, organise a networking lunch in the park… Take the lead, try something non-traditional. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out this fab local company called Ride the Tide.

Cancer Rising

This month, you might be called to expand or shakeup your networks and friendship groups. It’s all about getting outside and feeling some connection to the larger community. Something like Shore Yoga’s Community Beach Yoga would be ideal. Move in unison with a large group of people, gazing at and breathing in the vast and powerful North sea – this is the kind of inspiration that will fill your cup.

Gemini Rising

The astrology this month is asking you to see what has been hidden from view. If you can get a little quieter, listen to your thoughts and the stories in your dreams – you might learn something transformational. Your activities could be as simple as a walk alone in the park, or find an organised event such as this meditation at the beach in Seaburn.

Marianne offers group and 1-1 sessions in Yoga, Astrology and a unique hybrid called Embodied Astrology in the North East and online. Find her @theyogiastrolger on instagram.

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