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  • 18th May 2024
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Why we’re buying Baristocracy Coffee from now on

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Coffee lovers, this one is for you. We’re here to spill the beans on how switching to speciality beans will make you taste coffee like you’ve never tasted coffee before.

We’re so easily set in our ways and, despite our best efforts, still find ourselves grabbing a quick coffee from one of the big chains or opting for instant simply for speed.

But there’s a whole world of coffee that we’re missing out on if we only took a little time to discover it. Which is why, as coffee lovers ourselves, North Shields’ speciality coffee roasters, Baristocracy Coffee, caught our attention.

Founded by Alex Forsyth and Kate Hudson, Baristocracy brings Australian speciality coffee expertise to the heart of the North East, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer.


At Baristocracy Coffee, they work directly with green coffee importers who have established connections to growers and processing stations. It’s a top priority for them that growers of exceptional coffee are paid properly for their work.

They offer a range of coffees, all speciality-grade Arabica, sourced from countries like Ethiopia, Nicaragua and Papua New Guinea. What’s exciting is they bring single-origin, decaffeinated and blend options, allowing you to explore a spectrum of flavours.

Why we’re buying Baristocracy Coffee from now on


Speaking of flavours, whether you prefer your coffee black or with milk, Baristocracy has something for everyone. Single origins are perfect for savouring black, letting you experience the unique flavours of each growing region. On the other hand, blends offer layers of flavour that stand up to the richness of milk. There’s no rules though, check out the flavour notes on their website or if you’re not sure where to start pop into the roastery or contact them on socials.


By buying from local roasteries like Baristocracy, we support small businesses that, in turn, support fellow small businesses worldwide. Plus, Baristocracy ensures that growers are paid fairly for their crops by working with transparent, ethical importers. Supporting growers to invest in sustainable agriculture practices is crucial to the longevity of the speciality coffee industry.

One impressive aspect is their support for women in coffee farming. For instance, their Colombian coffee is grown exclusively by women. They will also soon be donating a percentage of sales to a young farmers initiative in Rwanda and are purchasing goats to help fertilise a women’s cooperative coffee farm.


Whether you’re a business looking to offer quality coffee or an individual coffee enthusiast, Baristocracy has you covered. They offer wholesale beans with training for staff and equipment support. For retail customers, you can visit their roastery or place an order to ensure you never run out of deliciousness.

Baristocracy Coffee is changing the way we think about our morning brew, and once you taste the difference, you’ll honestly never go back.


Baristocracy Coffee, Unit 2 Larch Court, West Chirton North Industrial Estate, North Shields NE29 8SG


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