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  • 29th May 2024
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Buying new jeans boosted my wellness – yes, really

I didn’t feel like my best self. Not even close to the girl who had abs, did hours and hours of yoga, always made an effort with her work wardrobe and remembered to put her hair in an overnight curler every day.


I know it’s not trendy, it’s not eco-friendly, it’s not financially conscious, it sounds as though I can’t be content with what I have but… this month I had to buy myself some new clothes.

Now, as we speak, I am shoulder-deep in wedding planning and the price of pretty much everything is terrifying. So I should be saving.

I also have a wardrobe full of clothes and am quickly encroaching on my fiancé’s wardrobe space too. I really shouldn’t need new clothes.

And I have in fact been resisting new clothes for some time now. I asked for a few things at Christmas and other than that, my money has been going on holidays and now I’m in saving mode.

But between you and me, my shape has changed over the past year. I’ve gained some weight, my figure has changed and I was going through a phase of just feeling a bit ‘meh’ about the way I looked.

None of my jeans fit me anymore and I felt as though I was wearing the same few things day in, day out. On the weekends I felt uninspired to dress up.

For a while, I didn’t feel like my best self. Not even close to the girl who had abs, did hours and hours of yoga, always made an effort with her work wardrobe and remembered to put her hair in an overnight curler every day.

I mean, where has she gone?

The truth is that this change is the result of being happier in many ways. These days I eat a lot more because I’m happy and enjoy date nights with my fiancé. I also don’t go to yoga as much because I’m not trying to fill my non-working hours. And I feel a lot more relaxed about my appearance because, I guess, I care a bit less about what everyone thinks.

So, positive things.

But there is a fine line between feeling relaxed in your own skin and feeling as though you’re not looking or feeling as good as you used to.

And while I’m happy to have gained some weight (I definitely look healthier) and I don’t feel like I have to wear makeup every day, I do want to feel good about myself.


We’re talking a whole head of baby lights – not those streaky monsters from 2002. Natural looking but a bit brighter and lighter than the balayage I’ve been getting every eight months for the last 12 years. A new skincare routine to work on the redness that has been plaguing me for a while, and finally, a few new pieces to make dressing in the morning a bit easier.


Now I’m not talking about a completely new wardrobe here. I’m talking about some new basics that allow me to wear those things that have been neglected for a while, for example, jeans that actually fit me. I’ve gone up a size and rather than continuing to torture myself, it was time to just buy a few new pairs.

I also felt that I wanted a change from my skinny jean uniform that has been my thing since I was about fifteen. And although I did get a new pair of skinny jeans (with stretch, girls who bloat know) I did also buy some dad jeans in a light wash, slim cut jeans in dark blue and white slim mom jeans.

Then I bought some t-shirts and vests in quality fabrics to replace my tired old ones. I bought a couple of nice tops and then – this bit is key – had a clear out of things that didn’t fit me and aren’t going to fit me again.

And you know what? It worked.

Just a few new pairs of jeans and the dread around getting dressed has lifted. I have more than one option for my bottom half which means those blouses and jumpers that were sitting unloved can now come back to life.

I don’t know about you but I am impatiently waiting for weather when my mid-length dresses and Birkenstocks can once more become my uniform. But for now, I’m feeling quite stylish in a simple tee, my well-fitting jeans and some gold jewellery.

And I haven’t worn foundation during the day in a few weeks. Just a few dabs of concealer and a bit of mascara and your girl is good to go.

Whether it’s the lighter hair, the new jeans or actually just the spring weather making me feel a bit less like I want to hide away I can’t say for sure.

Whichever it is, I’ll take it.


You might be on a budget, you might be in saving mode, but there has to be room for both saving and self-care – even when that self-care involves going shopping for jeans.

Make room for fun spends in your budget because sometimes you really do need a little bit of retail therapy.


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