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Can yoni steaming help with vaginal health and menopause? What it is and where you can do it in the North East

There are few things worse than an uncomfortable vagina.

From childbirth to pelvic floor issues, menstruation, sex, menopause and monthly hormonal changes – there’s a lot that can impact our vaginal health.

Thanks to the internet and social media, we now have access to more advice than ever on holistic remedies to balance our hormones, manage menopause symptoms, keep our vaginal PH levels healthy and more.

But what about energetic cleansing of our genitals? More specifically, vaginal steaming. This age-old tradition is making a comeback and we’ve delved into the practice to find out what it is, what it can help with, and if it really could help our vaginas stay as healthy as possible…

Only one woman is offering guided yoni steaming in the North East and that’s Emma Ako, founder of Mama Luna.

Those who watched Celebrity Detox might remember Emma from the episode where she guided Kerry Katona through a yoni steam, with Kerry later claiming she was having the best sex of her life following the session.

Who better to ask everything we want to know about yoni steaming?

Note: We recommend doing at least one session with a professional first – a burnt vagina is not a vibe. Emma is running a Cycle Savvy class at Yoga x Life Studios in September and if you fancy trying it after reading this, we’ve got a special discount code for HLN readers: STEAMTOGETHER



In practical terms, it’s spending 10-30 minutes steaming your vagina over a bowl of hot water infused with a blend of herbs specifically designed to improve vaginal health – we’re talking relief of dryness, helping vaginal odour and increasing suppleness.

It’s important to note straight off the bat that if you have an IUD coil, this isn’t for you as your uterine muscles relax to the point that the coil could come loose.

Yoni Steaming


Period pain: The heat from the steam permeates through your muscles to relieve any acid and dead skin cell build-up. The fresh oxygen is then converted into energy aka muscle food, thus strengthening your uterine muscles resulting in lesser pain.

Fibroids and endometriosis: The steam and certain herbs help to break down the tissue cells over time. For best results, steam two to three times per month and where concerned, book a consultation or see your GP.

Post-partum: You can steam from two weeks after giving birth as it’s gentle, yet powerful. The uterine and pelvic floor muscles are gently tightened, and you’ll be left feeling squeaky clean.

Clean feeling: Women who have tried vaginal steaming have said that they feel a lot more ‘clean’ and comfortable, with less worry about natural odour. 


Two or three days before and after your period is the optimum time to yoni steam. Before helps to balance your hormones as they are all high, as well as helping to break down your endometrium – so great for anyone with cramps. After your period, it helps to give you a good clear our and set-up ready for pre-ovulation.

For those who are menopausal, anytime of the month is fine.

Stick to twice per month for beginners and give yourself time to get used to it. Experience yoni steamers should still stick to three times per month maximum.

Don’t steam whilst on your period. Steaming acts as a detox and your period naturally does this. Plus, it can throw off your hormonal balance, causing irregular periods.

Plus, it’s important to make sure you use only herbal blends specifically intended for yoni steaming – step away from the essential oils or anything other than approved herbal blends as this could cause irreversible tissue damage and loss of sensation.

Yoni Steaming


If you do it too often and with the incorrect herbal blend, yes. Plus, there’s a time within our cycle when our vagina produces discharge to cleanse itself; this tends to be right after your period. Avoid steaming at this time to protect your PH levels and natural flora.


The Cycle Savvy classes at Yoga x Life Studios are wider than just yoni steaming – they’re for women looking for practical solutions to common menstrual issues like cramps, irregular cycles and menopause symptoms. Those with Those with endometriosis, fibroids, adenomyosis and PMDD will also benefit.

You’ll learn about your hormones, learn gentle movement and self-massage routines, receive a custom blend of herbs and try a guided yoni steam. Emma will guide you through how to set everything up. Wear a long skirt for ease and there will be blankets provided for privacy.


To make sure we had all of the facts, we spoke to Sachchidananda Maiti, a senior consultant gynaecologist at Pall Mall Medical.

He said: “There is no scientific proof that vaginal steaming can alleviate symptoms of period pain or menopause. The practice is largely based on anecdotal evidence and traditional beliefs. I would caution that vaginal steaming can disrupt the natural vaginal flora, potentially causing infections or burns. For period pain, conventional treatments like NSAIDs, heating pads, and hormonal therapies are recommended. For menopause symptoms, hormone replacement therapy, lifestyle changes, and other medically approved treatments are preferred. Always consult a healthcare professional before trying alternative therapies.”

So, there you have it – everything you need to know about yoni steaming and where you can try it in the North East.

Will you be giving it a go? Let us know in the comments below.

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