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Written by High Life North
Published 30.10.2021

The Willoughby Book Club

The Willoughby Book Club is a bespoke book subscription service creating subscriptions for readers of all ages and tastes.

What could be nicer than relaxing with a book that’s been chosen just for you? It’s our mission to deliver perfectly curated book selections to all our subscribers, taking the stress out of deciding what to read next.

We want to share with you our love of books and reading, and help you discover books and authors you may not have come across. We aspire for our subscriptions to provide a little sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of life, and a gentle reminder to put your feet up and enjoy a little time out with a book.

For every subscription sold we pledge to donate a book to Book Aid International to work towards a world in which everyone has access to books and literacy.

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Bespoke Subscription, from £44.99 for a 3 month subscription

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Crime Subscription, from £39.99 for a 3 month subscription

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Food and Drink Subscription, from £49.99 for a 3 month subscription

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Dark Turtle

Dark Turtle is a Tynemouth-based lifestyle and adventure brand offering high-quality surf, skate and snow-related clothing and accessories. Formed in 2021, our brand is inspired by the North Sea and the sheer beauty of the unspoiled North-East coastline. We are insanely proud of where we live but we also have a passion for adventure that we want to share with as many people as we possibly can.  

Whether we are surfing, skating, mountain biking or snowboarding, our entire brand and lifestyle revolves around nature. For us, being outside is the place we feel most alive. It allows us to forget about the stresses of work and truly appreciate what we have.  

In order to help protect the planet, we feel it is our social responsibility to provide our designs in eco-friendly alternatives, whilst also maintaining high levels of quality and functionality. All of our products, whether organic or not, are now delivered to your door in eco-friendly and sustainable packaging. It will always remain our primary goal to be committed to the environment and we are constantly striving to make as much of a difference as we possibly can.  

The planet is such a big place and the Dark Turtle is the wanderer of the oceans. As a brand, we want to see you climbing mountains, hiking through forests, and discovering beaches you’ve never been to before.  Hopefully, you’ll decide to take us along with you, but whether you wear the Turtle or not, just remember that life is a wave, so grab your board and make sure you absolutely shred it to pieces! 

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Dark Turtle - Unisex Hoodie - £34.99

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Dark Turtle - Organic Slim Fit T-Shirt - £23.99

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Dark Turtle - Crew Neck Sweater - £34.99

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Dark Turtle - Fish Quay Trawler Beanie - £14.99

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Paul James - Alpaca Everyday Socks - £15.00

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Brick This - Angel of the North Lego Set - £95.00

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Beard Culture London - Double Sided Beard Comb - £4.99

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Brick This - Newcastle Gateshead Lego Set - £69.00

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Sandersons - Marshall Stanmore II BT in Black - £299.00

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Man Polish

Like many epic stories, the story of Man Polish began in the great Northern City of Manchester. As Rolls met Royce, Renforth met Goddard and they hatched a plan to make male grooming more accessible and acceptable. The Man Polish movement was born.

Tired of the limited selection offered by brands famous for developing moisturisers used by their mothers, sisters, girlfriends and grandmas, Renforth and Goddard searched with little success for a quality product range made by men, for men.

And so, it was decided that something needed to be done. No longer should men shy away from products that can help them look tip-top. Now men have something to help them look their very best for every business meeting, hot date, and night out. Man Polish is proudly vegan, not tested on animals, and donate a portion of their revenue to CALM Men’s Mental Health Charity.

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Everyday all-in-one face moisturiser - £11.95

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Everyday gradual face tanning moisturiser (strong) - £15.95

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Everyday gradual face tanning moisturiser (subtle) - £15.95

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Dr Bejma recommends,

Discover Monsieur Skincare range

Skincare isn’t only for women, men too need to take care of their skin. Preventing ageing and keeping up with hydration of the skin is key.

Dr Bejma, leading aesthetic doctor has just launched Monsieur Skincare in her luxurious Leeds clinic. Monsieur Skincare is created by Vivacy Lab, a French medical company with over 20 years experience in the aesthetic field. This skincare took a few years to develop, underwent strict testing and is only available at selected clinics. Most importantly Dr Bejma absolutely loves the range. Monsieur Skincare is the most advanced men’s skincare on the market and will address all male skin needs, from hydration to ageing prevention.

Visit or call the clinic on 07522775233to to enquire.

Instant soothing gel after shaving care £60

Expert moisturising cream £80

Soothing anti-wrinkle serum £100

Global anti-aging care £120

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Durham Cask Aged Gin - £40.00

Meraki Cacao - moroccan – spearmint (4 bars) - £12.00

The Corbridge Larder - The Beer Hamper - £16.95

Devon Rum Co - Honey Spiced Rum - £38.95

Forum Books - Newcastle United Stole My Heart - £15.99

Hindsight - Rear View Cycling Glasses - £139.99

Just Slate - Stag Engraved Whisky Stones (6) - £12.00

Zenoté - Neil's Choice Charcoal Gift Set - £19.50

Brick This - Gift Card - From £10

Handmade Tyneside - Bottle Opener - £8.00

The Borders Distillery - Tour Voucher - £15.00