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Toasty Candles create rapeseed wax candles and reed diffusers hand-poured in Newcastle in small batches.

Being eco-friendly is important to us which is why we use UK/Europe sourced rapeseed wax to make our candles as not only is it perfect for making scented candles but also has a drastically lower impact on the environment compared to paraffin and soy – the latter of which is predominantly grown on the other side of the globe, with around 80% of the world’s soy being produced in the USA, Brazil and Argentina.

Using UK and mainland Europe sourced rapeseed wax means our candles have a lower carbon footprint. Another added benefit of rapeseed wax is that it burns much slower than paraffin meaning a much longer-lasting candle!

Our reed diffusers are made using a vegan solvent produced from renewable plant-based sources of glycerin and are supplied with high-quality rattan reeds. All our products are shipped in plastic-free cardboard boxes using kraft paper tape and shredded cardboard.

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The Sandalwood and Black Pepper candle is our go-to office scent.

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