Finch Salon

Finch is an eco-friendly, sustainable and gender-neutral hair salon based in Whitley Bay.

They offer the very best in hair colouring, styling and treatments, all with natural cruelty-free products. They also believe in equality and inclusivity.

‘We’re sustainable because of the choices we make regarding the things we do and have in the salon and the brands we work with,’ Amy explains. ‘When designing the salon, we tried to keep to natural materials, sourced locally, and all works were carried out by me, my girlfriend and her family.

‘We changed energy providers to ones which suited our ethos, changed to LED lightbulbs and reused old furniture and materials we found within the building. It’s not easy to be fully eco-friendly within our industry, as a lot of our tools and equipment are still made from plastic, but we’ve made the swaps where possible.’

Finch also work with brands which have the same ethos as them. The salon uses the retail and colour brand Kevin Murphy, who are cruelty-free, vegan and use naturally derived ingredients as well as using recyclable packaging. Plus, Finch plans to switch to shampoo bars from a small, local business to reduce their plastic usage further.

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