Working with HLN

Have your say – and make new friends – at the HLN Focus Group

We’re looking for HLN readers to take part in a focus group so we can make sure we’re always giving our readers what they want. Fill in your details to join a special mailing list, where you’ll be invited to in-person focus group events. It’s not paid but there will be free food and drink, a fun and interesting session and then time to chat and mix with likeminded women.

Interested? Sign-up below and we’ll be in touch to invite you to the first event in November.

Working with brands

At High Life North, we aren’t fluffy, we’re real.

We pride ourselves on our integrity, working with brands that we know our readers will love. In return? Brands that work with us have access to a combination of national journalists, PR and marketing specialists, social media gurus and best-in-class photographers to bring their brand to life for our engaged audience of women in the North East.

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Write for HLN

We’re always keen to hear from fellow writers, so if you have a unique story or idea that you think our readers would love to read, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Send your pitches via email to our sub-editor, Becky Hardy, at

Remember to include:

  • PITCH: [followed by your title] in the subject line – so we know what your email is about.
  • If your piece is time-sensitive, please use TIMELY PITCH: and your subject.
  • A brief summary of your article idea and the angle you want to write it from.
  • Why you are the best person to write this article and why you think High Life North’s 
 readers would be interested in your story.
  • When you are able to have the piece written by – just a rough guideline is fine.

Please also include any samples of previous work or a link to your portfolio so we can ensure your writing fits the HLN style. Style guidelines will be provided on confirmation of the commission.

We will do our best to reply to everyone who sends us a pitch, however, sometimes it is not always possible. Please know we will ensure each pitch is read and considered, and even if we don’t get back to you on this occasion, don’t let it put you off pitching to us again in the future.

We can’t wait to hear what you’ve got for us!