About Us

High Life North is a digital magazine for women in the North East.

Launched in 2019, HLN provides a one-stop-shop for women in our region to consume everything from fashion to food, careers and challenging topics.

We’re inclusive, we’re real and we want to showcase and inspire women across our website, weekly email and social channels.

A message from our Founder and Managing Editor, Laura Kingston

Who says we can’t have it all? High Life North is about celebrating women in the region. We all have different circumstances, different challenges and different situations. This digital magazine is about showcasing inspiring females, providing advice on careers, fashion, beauty, interiors, health and wellbeing. As well as our top recommendations on where to eat, drink and explore in the North East.

It sounds very broad but we know all women are multi-faceted and our ethos is that women shouldn’t be pigeon-holed into one category.

Every week we feature real women, with real voices. Women who are achieving great things, driving positive change, or inspiring others.


Team HLN

HLN is made up of our in-house team, our Experts in Residence and our contributors who work hard every week to bring you engaging, different and interesting content.

High Life North

Digital Magazine

The one and only. The hub of all the HLN activity.

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Laura Kingston

Founder and Editor

She saw it, she liked it, she wanted it, she got it...

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Molly Ashby

Advertising Executive

Working in her dream job championing North East women...

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Rosie Harrison

Head of Sales

Our first hire when we started to grow, she loves the NE business scene.

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Beth Williams

Advertising Executive

A born and bred scouser, Beth moved to Newcastle six years ago and has found a home away from home in the North East.

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Rachael Nichol

Staff Writer

A whizz with words, bringing her fun-loving personality to HLN.

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Becky Hardy


With keen eye for what works in writing, she finds those little nuggets of gold in an interview.

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Jasmine Dawes

Self-development Coach

A self-development coach who is passionate about helping women develop the mindset skills, strategies and self-assurance they need to take control of their lives.

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Gulshan Dhanoya

Associate Dentist at Honour Health

Gulshan is HLN's go-to queen of smiles and our source of advice about all things dental.

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Dr Helen Marsden

Medical Aesthetic Practitioner

Combining her extensive medical and aesthetic training with the finest quality products and an experienced eye.

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Nickie Kilkenny

Business Growth Enabler at NatWest

Working directly with the local business community to help them meet their business growth needs.

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Skye-Aexander Ferry

Founder of Fire & Co.

Fire & Co. specialise in creating your perfect interior.

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Dr Rhian J Lewis

Clinical Director at The Clearing

One of the leading providers of counselling and psychotherapy in the North East.

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Samuel Phillips Law

Samuel Phillips Law

If you think lawyers are all male, pale and stale, then have we got news for you...

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Sam Hook

Life Coach at Uniquethinking

Our go-to life coach expert offering advice to our readers who are looking to be the best they can be at home or at work.

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Jenny Brownlees

Fashion and Lifestyle Journalist

For over six years, Jenny has written for publications including Stylist, Grazia, British Vogue online, ELLE, Glamour, Refinery 29 and more.

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Mim Skinner


Renowned for her campaigning and writing, Mim has written for The Sunday Times, The Guardian and Huffington Post.

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Delilah Kealy-Roberts


Delilah particularly likes to write about how to look and feel great while staying sustainable.

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Sakshi Udavant


A freelance journalist covering mental health and wellbeing, business and finance, and culture.

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Iona May Todd


A freelance journalist, second-year journalism student at Newcastle University, and poetry enthusiast.

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Kristina Leikaite

Photographer and Videographer

Our resident content creator, she's worked with some of the North East's biggest influencers and celebrities.

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Sharon MacArthur

Menopause Columnist

Sharon is a “proud Geordie” who just happens to be passionate about menopause education.

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Chris Kingston

Entertainment Writer

Giving us our culture fix every month.

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At High Life North, we aren’t fluffy, we’re real.

We pride ourselves on our integrity, working with brands that we know our readers will love. In return? Brands that work with us have access to a combination of PR and marketing specialists, skilled writers, social media gurus and best-in-class photographers to bring their brand to life for our engaged audience of women in the North East.

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