Fire & Co.

Fire & Co. specialise in creating your perfect interior – whether that be from using their interior design service or from shopping in their 7,000-square-foot showroom.

Owner Skye and his team have worked tirelessly to collate a wide range of brands and designers to create something truly unique in the North East. Each collection in the showroom has been put together by trained interior designers to really show off the space, as well as each and every product.

They also have the Independent Hub, which brings together local businesses, artists, designers and creatives. A lot of independent interior designers use that space to connect with their clients, as it helps the designer create a visual and tangible concept, as well as giving their clients a realistic end goal to aspire towards.

If you’ve seen that special something on Instagram or Pinterest, or if you’ve seen a feature you like in a bar or a restaurant, but you’ve looked and looked and still can’t find it, then Fire & Co. is your go-to. They’ll look through all of our manufacturing lists for you to see whether they can either source it, or get it made for you. More than anything else, the Sourcing service is about saving your precious time.

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