Grate Newcastle

Grate is an independent cheesemonger championing local and British cheeses, plus all the delicious accompaniments you need.

Owner Moz has worked in cheese and food retail for most of her working life. About three years ago, she decided that she wanted to be her own boss. Her personal life had changed dramatically (divorce and a death in the family), and she found that she didn’t want to waste time doing something she didn’t love.

She realised there wasn’t anywhere in Newcastle dedicated purely to the love of cheese. There are places like Block & Bottle that are championing great meat, well-treated animals and traceability, but nobody was doing that for cheese.  So she quit her job and started Grate in early 2020.

The focus of Grate is: ‘cheese and things that go with cheese’. Future plans include cheese-tasting (sign us up) and potentially curating a selection of charcutire and wines that go with cheese.

Vegan? Don’t worry – Moz stocks some of the best vegan cheese on the market.

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