Make No Apologies

Make No Apologies is a unique fashion brand created by Maeve Davies, fuelled from a desire to build a clothing brand that would support all women through physical appearance and opinion.

Make No Apologies was created as a brand with an individualistic approach to life, a brand that flourishes in the beauty of diversity. For women that don’t want to stick their middle finger up to the world, it’s more about having inner pride in who we are as individuals. Never arrogant or always unapproachable, politely confident in what we individually stand for, but never needing to apologise for who we are.

Looking at how certain sections of society are getting hung up on how people look or act, Maeve was seeing people having to make apologies for who they are, especially us women. She has years of clothing production experience and thought that she could do her bit to re-address image mapping of people through the creation of a clothing brand that stood for something. Not just fashion for fashion’s sake, a brand with a purpose, something that meant something to Maeve herself, but more importantly meant something to people.

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