North Chocolates

Described as ‘more desirable than world peace’…

Introducing the award-winning North Chocolates, handmade by Bev Stephenson in Newcastle Upon Tyne since 2013. Bev uses only the finest couverture – which means less of the bad stuff (that’s sugar), absolutely no vegetable fats and simply more of the good stuff – ethically sourced and sustainable cocoa and cocoa butter. So it’s chocolate… but it’s GOOD FOR YOU! Ok maybe not quite, but it’s definitely better for you than a lot of chocolates out there.

North Chocolates specialises in seasonal, small batch gourmet chocolate bars. They often use premium single origin beans, all vegetarian and 99% are gluten free. This means that a lot of North Chocolates’ dark bars are dairy free and suitable for vegans.

Nothing makes a better present than a delicious chocolate bar wrapped in beautiful North East imagery and designs.

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