Organic Pilates

Organic Pilates and Holistic Health is a popular Pilates studio based in Langley Park, County Durham.

Classes are online and in-studio and they include Pilates, Barre, Swiss Ball and strength training for women. The owner, Jill, has been in the fitness industry for over 25 years, and specialises in women’s health particularly around menopause, and runs popular online programs to help women harmonise their hormones, blitz their menobelly and regain their radiance. She also runs programs to improve posture, meditation, healthy back and has recently started running Breathwork sessions, which provide a deep connection to your inner wise self. It’s a truly holistic centre, body, mind and soul.

Jill is also co-host of popular ’Small Business Whole Health’ Podcast, where they cover everything from business, spirituality, training, holistic health, mindset and much more. Available on iTunes, spotify, audible, or at the below link;

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