PureKnead Artisan Bakery

PureKnead is an artisan bakery with a highly skilled team of bakers, producing a range of treats from quality ingredients.

The products reflect PureKnead’s ethos of pure ingredients without unnecessary additives or chemicals.  

With a gorgeous range of sourdoughs, cakes, pastries, and other treats – as well as sandwiches, PureKnead is the choice of many on a trip to Whitley Bay. If you’re lucky enough to live nearby, or pop in on a visit to the beach, a croissant can fuel a nice stroll along the seafront.

If you aren’t in Whitley Bay but crave a taste of this promised deliciousness – check out Local in Jesmond and Brew & Bite in Heaton. We definitely recommend visiting the glorious hub of operations in Whitley Bay as well though!

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