Sereniti Salt Retreat

Sereniti Salt Retreat is dedicated to restoring optimum health and wellbeing of each individual client, by offering bespoke treatment packages exclusive to the North East.

Offering therapies tailored to the client’s requirements; whether that be physical, emotional, energetic or spiritual, Sereniti Salt Retreat is likely to have a therapy for you. Owner Michelle has taken her passion for natural wellbeing, along with her 25+ years of experience in Information Technology to create advanced technology solutions for modern health and wellbeing concerns.

Michelle has combined holistic therapies with technology, to create a unique synergy of health and wellbeing packages. With a fantastic team of experienced and qualified therapists, all exceptional at what they do – Sereniti is definitely worth a visit. Especially as a lot of their treatments can only be found at Sereniti, and nowhere else in the North East.

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