The Travelling Bee Company

The Travelling Bee Company is on a mission to supply us with the highest quality honey.

At the national award winning Travelling Bee Company, the mission is to supply us with the highest quality honey. Their honeys are all 100% raw and unprocessed, nothing added, nothing infused, just the way the bees make it. At the Great Taste Awards 2021 & 2022 Travelling Bee Co received a host of awards including two of the rare 3 Star awards.

Thanks to the loved and cared-for bees, the team extract only the honey the bees can spare. Travelling Bee Co employ natural beekeeping practices such as hand spinning the honey out of its comb, then filter and pour our honey into jars, ensuring that the natural taste is not compromised; the taste their honeys are renowned for.

Honey is produced from bee hives across the North East of England, Northumberland and Scotland, with the team constantly searching for the finest honeys. This honey is also used to make a range of award-winning organic soaps, organic balms, and hampers which make for ideal thoughtful gifts.

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