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  • 27th Oct 2022
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Green bathrooms: How to get this year’s biggest interior trend

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Ponteland’s luxury bathroom designer Stonebridge Interiors shares everything we need to know to get the bathroom trend that’s been making a splash.

There’s something about being at one with nature that makes us instantly feel calm and relaxed. There’s nothing better than spending time with your family on a woodland walk followed by a nice candle-lit bubble bath to help you relax, right?

Well, we’ve found the ultimate bathroom trend that’s been making waves by bringing the tranquil natural beauty of the outside into your bathroom and creating a place of sanctuary. We introduce you to the green bathroom trend.

Now we know what you’re thinking, we’re not talking about those 1970s avocado suites we all have memories of – there will be no green toilets here! This 2022 trend features rich emerald green tiles, olive furniture and pastel green hexagons. But where, and how, do we get started?

Luxury bathroom designers Stonebridge Interiors are here to our rescue. Whatever your style or size of bathroom, showroom manager Helen tells us how you can get the biggest bathroom trend of 2022.

What do you love about this trend?

It’s so versatile. Whether you want your bathroom to transport you to the Amazonian rainforest reminding you of a holiday, somewhere a little more local like a family walk on a Sunday in Kielder or maybe a special night in Manhattan, full of memories with your significant other. This trend can be all those and more.

Yes, this is your bathroom but why can’t it be your sanctuary?

Where should we start when wanting a green bathroom?

You need to work out how much green is enough green for you. Do you want a green feature tile in just the recesses with a plainer tile all around or all your bathroom walls to be green?

For a subtle green, our tile partner Lapicida does a lovely pastel gold leaf green tile but for a bolder tile, they also do a vibrant jungle tile mural.  A subtle way to get this green trend is through furniture. Our furniture partner Ambiance Bainhas a beautiful olive green foil door.

For an Art Deco feel, emerald green brick tiles are a hot subject at the moment and are really effective for a feature area. Alternatively, a softer green in a more unusual hexagon tile adds that wow factor.

How can we style green?

Now that depends on what area of the world you’d like to bring into your bathroom.

Our favourite colourway for olive green is a walnut wood effect porcelain with brushed brass brassware. Nickel is a classical finish that also pairs great with olive green and is a nice way to play it safe.

Neutral colours of creams and browns can work well but similarly, so do greys, it’s all about finding the perfect complimentary shade. All in all, green is such a versatile colour.

How can we add longevity to this current trend?

It’s easy to get carried away when picking any colour for a bathroom but the secret to longevity is getting the right look and pairing it with some more subtle tones. For example, you can have green furniture and a plain simple tile, but only half tile the room. This way you can add a brighter feel to a room with either paint or paper.

Or you could be brave and go all out with green tiles and keep the furniture a more neutral cashmere, whichever way we will guide you to a bathroom that will last at least 20 years.

If you want to book a consultation to get the bathroom of your dreams, visit Stonebridge Interiors’ website.

For more bathroom inspiration and ideas, follow Stonebridge’s Instagram account and like their Facebook page.

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