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Interior design trends 2024: 12 styles to renew your home

The Interior Design team at Jasmine & Lilah share the ultimate inspiration for the new year ahead.

Written by Rachael Nichol
Published 06.12.2023

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2024 is bringing a wave of home décor excitement as the design team at Jasmine & Lilah predicts a year of vibrant hues, curved accents, and a dash of retro charm.

As we wave goodbye to the old, the new year opens the door to thrilling possibilities to update your interior.

This talented team of creative designers work their magic at their studio, specialising in crafting inspiring and timeless interiors for homes and showstopping show homes. Their mission? Turning houses into personalised havens.

Jasmine and Lilah Interior Design

Their diverse portfolio spans from show home designs to full house renovations, offering services tailored to your locality, demographics, and unique brief. Acting as design saviours, they’ll guide you seamlessly from concept to installation, making every penny count within your budget.

The team at Jasmine & Lilah keep you in the loop with trending styles, infusing each project with a unique touch. Their design studio doors are open for personal brainstorming sessions, resulting in projects that stand as diverse showcases of creativity and style.

We caught up with these trendsetting designers to spill the beans on the hottest interior design trends in 2024.

Image credit: Daniel Swanick


Finding the right combination to reflect your interior space can be tricky. However, we are here to give you our top colour combinations that will not only be a trend in 2024 but hold a timeless and elegant approach to interior design.

Jasmine and Lilah Interior Design

Deep Green and Blush Pink

Fun and playful duo to give any interior the ‘wow’ factor.

Terracotta and Grey

Our favourite colour combination showcases a grand, rich feel yet has been timeless throughout the years.

Mustard and Navy

Amongst one of the most popular for traditional designs.

Earthy Hues

We welcome a new era of warm, earthy hues with colour palettes of olive green, terracotta and forest brown for natural interiors and bringing the outside, in.

Variations of Gold

With the large variations in style, paring the variations of gold sanitaryware with colours such as beige, white and even navy, creates a luxury and high-end feel to interiors.

Image credit: PLAN Home


Jasmine and Lilah Interior Design

Curved Shapes

In 2024, home interiors embrace comfort with a shift towards rounded shapes. Picture sofas with soft edges, asymmetrical mirrors, shell-shaped cushions, and wavy headboards.

Straight lines take a backseat as we usher in a cosy, welcoming aesthetic, redefining the way we experience comfort and style within our living spaces.

Image credit: Madeleine Tolle


Jasmine and Lilah Interior Design

Unique Tiles

With the seemingly endless choices of colours and patterns, unique tiles are thriving in the interior design world in 2024.

Whether you are adding a playful aesthetic to a bathroom or adding a statement backsplash to your kitchen, these designs add personality and fun to interior schemes, helping you stand out from the rest.

Image credit: Bert & May
Jasmine and Lilah Interior Design

Rustic Textures

Rustic textures help add calm and stillness to interior schemes. You can do this through using natural materials such as bamboo, rattan and stone.

Rustic finishes are more versatile in projects over highly processed materials and give a more unique finish. Not only do they look amazing, but they also have stress-reducing qualities and create a clean atmosphere.

Image credit: Unique Design Blog


Jasmine and Lilah Interior Design

A Seventies Revival

Get set for a groovy throwback to the Seventies in interior design! The 70s revival brings a mix of vibrant graphics and plush velvets, making a comeback after 50 years.

Dive in with bold wallpapers like Kitsch Green from Hovia or start slow with funky cushions—transforming your space into a retro dream has never been easier!

Image credit: Hovia


Jasmine and Lilah Interior Design

Luxe Outdoor Lighting

Elevate your outdoor space with luxe lighting this winter. As days get darker, exterior lighting is a game-changer. Opt for high-end options to create a warm ambience that dazzles.

Try linear lights for a chic ‘floating effect’, LED lanterns for patio charm, and wall washers for a soft, diffused glow across larger areas. Your neighbours will be envious.

Image credit: thenordroom.com
Jasmine and Lilah Interior Design

Natural Lighting

Lighting is a game-changer in interior design, affecting both our well-being and the ambience of a space. From skylights in old renovations to double-height glazing in new builds, it’s a powerful tool.

This strategy not only reflects natural light but also creates an open, connected feel, blending the indoors with the outside world.

Image credit: Designboom.com
Jasmine and Lilah Interior Design

Decorative Wall Lights

Don’t overlook the magic of decorative wall sconces in lighting design. Working alongside ceiling lights, they not only add interest but also reduce glare.

Perfect for dining spaces, they create a cosy atmosphere for dinner parties, casting a soft glow that enhances the ambience of your home.

Image credit: Beautiful Homes 
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